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Career Analysis 2010

Professional Football Player

Juwan Simmons

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis 2010

NFL Football Player In this jobs/ occupation you must show sportsmanship, this organization can and will find you if your not ethical, on and off the football field. Most people in this job have went to college there are no particular education you need but you most pass the IQ test. Most colleges with a football team can provide you the experience that this business hires you for. Salary is close to $770,000 This career has grown alot in the last 10 years and will keep growing. This career is at really high demand right now. They use cameras and computer video editing devices, to broadcast it on tv. They provide etertainment to the fans.They sometimes sponsor other smaller businesses like the AFL. Where will it be in 15 years? Technology Customers About This Career Money is one issue that most of the time needs to be solved sometimes players do get paid enough and there are also other reasons. There is probably a little bit of math. They always have to work with their team most players don't comminicate to fans very often. Written and verbal communication Math & Science Career Analysis by Juwan Simmons
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