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Press Start

Finally finished! Don't be surprised if I update this though.

Sarah Phillips

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Press Start

Video Games
-Ignorant person
Video games can be bad for you in some ways, but that does not excuse all of the unneeded hate they get.
They have plenty of advantages to overrule the disadvantages (and then some)
Sure, they sharpen your reflexes and teach you hand-eye coordination, but that isn't even the start!
There are also many life lessons to them, such as justice, karma, loss, victory, love, etc....
AND of course the part we all know and love: slaughtering the heck out of people!
Even THAT is an advantage though. It's stress relief, and believe me, I don't know a single person who isn't stressed at least once in a while.
A common misconception is that video games are a bad influence just because you kill people.
The truth is...

Doesn't make me a chef
Doesn't make me a lawyer
Doesn't make me an amazing space bounty hunter with an arm cannon
(But I wish it did)
So why should these
Make me a murderer?
Video games can...
...teach us about other cultures
...bring us together
...teach us responsibility
Let us be something we are not
Let us be something we will never become
Let us be something we want to become
..let us adventure
...let us create
...let us do the impossible
Video games can...
Let us stand up for ourselves against those who bully us
(...and by standing up for ourselves I mean slaughtering them and throwing them into an endless pit of oblivion)
Video Games
They make you laugh
They make you cry
They scare the heck out of you
They make you ragequit
They sharpen your memory
They present your strengths and reveal your weaknesses
They sharpen your reflexes
Video Games
You can teach us science and history but you can't teach us how to play video games
No matter how much training we go through, we can teach ourselves how to be the hero
Nobody else can do that
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