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Web safety

No description

ka ying yang

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Web safety

Web safety
on the internet you can.....
1. play games
2. YouTube
3. email friends
4. video chat
5. internet shopping
6. Blogging

Safety is Important
3. Address
4. Email
5. password
6. full name
Email- hi3@yahoo.com
Password- hihihihi
Phone #- 911-123-456
Fake name- hi
Full name- hello
Meeting up is dangerous
Not everyone say who they are online. Be careful who you tell your personal information
who they say they are
who they really are
fallow the arrow
almost there
accepting emails can be dangerous
Everything on the internet isn't true
click the gift card and win a free WAL-MART gift card for free
Tell Someone
Tell someone if you think it makes you uncomfortable online
please tell me if you think someone is making you uncomfortable online
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