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Christianity, Buddhism, Islam

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Elizabeth Stevens

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam

Grant Watson, Elizabeth Stevens, & Sarah Stewart Christianity,
Buddhism, & Islam
5. Peter helped start the church. He was one of Jesus' loyal disciples and he began preaching and spreading the influence of Christianity. Jesus later gave him the "Keys" to the kingdom.
6. Jesus died to cleanse people free of sin and gain them an entrance to heaven.
7. There are 7 Sacraments that can be performed throughout life. These sacraments are believed to be largely instituted through Christ himself. The sacraments serve as a purpose to begin communication and communion with God. They also serve as a symbol of Gods grace.
8. Eucharists and the wine. What are some of the main elements of Christianity? 1. Christianity affects modern day politics. It affects both the politicians and their voters. Most voters who feel strongly about their religious back ground will not vote for politicians of a different religious background in which they don't agree with. Many times politicians are not voted for because of their great ability to become the next president, but because of their religious practices.
2. President J.F.K. is a prime example of why many U.S. citizens didn't vote for him at his running time because of his Catholic background. U.S. citizens were skeptical he would let the Pope, who is the leader of the Catholic church, influence his presidential laws and rules while he was in office. How has Christianity been linked with today's world? Siddhartha / Buddha - The 'Enlightened One' of Buddhism.
Four Noble Truths - Ideas in which Buddhism is based off of.
8 Fold Path / The Middle Way - Used to achieve Nirvana.
Nirvana - Ability to be at perfect peace with the universe.
Karma - Nothing happens to a person that he does not deserve.
Samsara - Cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
Dhammapada - Sacred text to only some Buddhists.
Three Marks of Existence - EVERYTHING in the physical world is marked with these characteristics. These help abandon the clinging that bind us. Buddhism -Elizabeth Stevens What Is Islam? Christianity Christianity is one of the worlds major monotheistic religions. Christians believe in Jesus Christ and follow his teachings. Jesus Christ is the son of God, who was sent by God to teach of Gods word.

Jesus suffered died and was buried and was resurrected from the dead in order to grant eternal life to those who believe in him and trust him for the remission of their sins. What is Christianity? What is Nirvana, and
How Do You Achieve It? Who Is Siddhartha, and What Did He Do? 6 B.C. Siddhartha Gautama - born into a royal family.
Went to find a greater understanding of life & spiritual fulfillment.
Through guidance and meditation, Siddhartha achieved Enlightenment.
He was known as Buddha, or 'Enlightened One'.
Buddha traveled great distances teaching people about one path to salvation or Nirvana. A monotheistic religion. Allah, the founder and special prophet heard from an angel and is supposed to spread the message he heard through the Qu'ran or holy text that muslims follow. 1. There is only one God, who is the creator of Heaven, Earth, and all mankind.
2. Followers must believe in the 10 Commandments, which are basic human morals.
3. Holy Trinity; The father, son, and holy spirit.
4. There were 12 Disciples. They were the followers of God, and helped spread his message. Five Pillars of Islam 1. Profess your faith
2. Pray 5 times a day 3.Charity
4.Fast on Ramadan
5.Pilgrimage to mecca Islam FUN Facts!
1. Ashura day: day of fasting, according to Islamic schools, a day of optional fasting.
2. Indonesia is the country with the biggest quantity of Muslims
3.Islam means "PEACE" through the submission to God.
4.Islam is against terrorism, violence and the killing of innocents. Terrorists who claim to be Muslims aren't following the islamic teachings.
5.Muslims neither worship Muhammad nor pray to him but only the one true God Allah. The ultimate goal, and the highest state during enlightenment.
Freedom from what ever binds you, from the burning passion of desire, jealousy, and ignorance.
Once overcome, no longer need the cycle of birth and death.
To achieve Nirvana, you must change the patterns of thought and behavior so that the mind and the mood are not controlled by desires for fulfillment by using the 8 Fold Path. Buddhist Culture in Today's Culture "Karma" is now commonly used to describe "fate". Buddhist Links in Today's Economics? Collective Ownership - Buddha believed that origin of private ownership was degradation and dishonest.

Rich to help poor - Some people still believe today that spreading wealth equally is beneficial. Nirvana is a rock band's name. The Wheel of Life shows how Buddhists see life and how to strive for Enlightenment. "How Does Islam Relate To Today's World?" Allah is quoted saying that "Curiosity will lead you to the right path." This statement has been proven true because
Islam is prevailing over all other religions, more people are reverting to Islam today even if the media doesn't agree with its beliefs. Obama, our president today is self proclaimed Muslim. It also affects the world today because so many are curious about the women who are wearing the skullcaps. Which in turn has influenced people to think twice about dressing modestly. AND for the first time Muslims have banded together to hold a political gathering and a unit body at a Democratic convention in Denver. Its called The American Muslim Democratic Convention. The wheel is held by a demon named Yama which symbolizes change and death. There are three animals in the middle that symbolize different feelings.
Rooster - greed
Snake - hatred
Pig - ignorance

These three feelings turn the wheel of endless existence and will stop a person from reaching Enlightenment. Each of the six scenes around the wheel show people striving for Enlightenment. Grant Watson 8 Fold Path Right View Right Intention Right Speech Right Actions Right Livelihood Right Effort Right Mindfulness Right Concentration TO ACHIEVE NIRVANA Accept 4 Noble Truths. Have commitment and self-improvement. Tell the truth, speak friendly and gently, and talk only when necessary. Act kindly and compassionately, be honest, and respect the belongings of others. One should earn one's living in a righteous way and that wealth should be gained peacefully. Without effort, nothing can be achieved. The mental ability to see things as they are,
with clear consciousness. Concentration on wholesome thoughts and actions. "Drink cow's milk! For verily it (the cow) eats from all kinds of vegetation, and it (the milk) is a cure for every illness." "The most beloved color to the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam) is GREEN." IMPORTANT FACTS
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