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Matt Santry

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Hydrofracking

HYDROFRACKING By Matt Santry http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/02/27/us/fracking.html?ref=drillingdown http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/03/01/us/chemicals-and-toxic-materials-in-hydrofracking.html?ref=drillingdown Newt Gingrich
"To state the obvious , current American energy policy is a disaster and our government isn't doing anything about it. It's time for we the people to act."
"If ANWR was the NY Times, the area in question is the size of a single letter on the page."
"We need an energy policy that lowers prices and produces more American energy, not restricts it." Josh Fox
“We can stop them from turning the country into an archipelago of unlivable toxic industrial zones, but the Gulf Spill reminds us you never know how much time is on the clock.”
“These drilling techniques result in amounts of toxic matter so large – in solid, gas, and liquid states – that, in effect, everybody is ‘downstream.’ You can’t get far enough away.”
“The regulators at the EPA and Justice Departments are dying to do their jobs – it’s the lawmakers who are the problem. Obama’s people are not listening." http://www.americansolutions.com/dhdn/ http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/take-action/ Supporting Facts
In the Marcellus shale formation in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York, there could be as much as 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the largest natural gas field in the world.
More than 400 trillion cubic feet of natural gas located offshore in the Outer Continental Shelf.
Trillions more unexplored and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created/ huge overall economic boost in multiple sectors.
In ten years the US would no longer be dependent on other countries for oil and energy.
Natural gas is domestically abundant and it is a cleaner burning fuel What Americans Think
A March 2011 poll from Investors Business Daily found that 67% of Americans support offshore drilling.
More than half (54%) of Americans support drilling in ANWR.
65% of Americans support drilling in shale in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.
67% of Americans expect gasoline prices to hurt them financially, including 44% who strongly think so.
76% of Americans believe the United States is not doing enough to develop its own oil and gas resources.
Protests are increasing, especially in Texas and NY.
Those near drill sites are aware but the majority of people do not know or care about hydrofracking.
FRAC act may be approved to protect drinking water and further limit fracking.
Governor Patterson vetoed fracking legislation to prevent it from comming to NY and South Africa turned away Shell when they asked to frack there. Oposing Facts
Extremely toxic substances, such as benzene and lead, are used to extract natural gas
29 known chemicals are human carcinogens that are listed as risks to human health and hazardous air pullutants under the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Air Act
Companies use 94 million gallons of 279 products that contain chemicals they refuse to release because they deemed them proprietary
Pennsylvania doesn't require companies to have safegaurds for blowouts and one happened that completely contaminated Towanda Creek
Methane leaks out of wells and pullutes the air
Chemicals stay in the earth and seep into groundwater Under the FRAC Act
Require disclosure of the chemical constituents used in the fracturing process, but not the proprietary chemical formula
Repeal a provision added to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 exempting the industry from complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act
Most states have primacy over these types of wells, and the intent of this Act is to allow states to ensure that our drinking water is safe. EPA would set the standard, but a state would be able to incorporate hydraulic fracturing into the existing permitting process for each well
Right now the federal government does very little to regulate the industry so states either ban it all together or allow it with few restrictions Alternative to Banning Fracking
Change federal law to allow fracking offshore, in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Alaska for now
Incentivize states to permit energy exploration with proper safegaurds
Allow companies to get larger tax breaks for researching better methods and alternative energies
Share federal royalties with citizens
Don't just regulate, instead innovate
Restore oil shale provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 Reality
The environment is not that badly affected, greenhouse gases are released, and some water is polluted but this can be improved over time
No progress can be made unless every country and gas company share information and adhere to the same regulations
Belgium cracked down so companies moved to Morocco where they polluted more and helped their economy
China and India will still pollute, so the US would miss out and the economy would fall even further behind
Americans like living a certain lifestyle and to maintain things this inexpensive and comfortable, the environment must suffer a little
The negative health effects are really just starting to be uncovered and thus far hydrofracking pollutants are only linked to causing cancer in a few people with pending lawsuits
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