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March on Washington

No description

Hallie Drew

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of March on Washington

Why did the people come to the March on Washington? What? *Martin Luther King had a march, called "The March on Washington." After the march he gave a speech, entitled "I Have a Dream." He shared his dream with.. Who? *marchers -250,000 *Nation *WORLD When? *August 28, 1963 Where? *The March on Washington took place in Washington, D.C. All who came to participate in the actual "march" marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. ...but where did they come from? -one quarter of them,
1/4 of them, OR
62,500 of them were white WHY?! ..why ..why ..why WHY?! you wanna know why? Well, I'll tell you.. *The year of 1963 was noted for racial unrest and civil rights demonstrations. *The March on Washington stated the African-American's demands for meaningful civil rights legislation. *Also, for the elimination of racial segregation in public schools. *As well as, protection for demonstrators against police brutality. *They demanded a major public-works program to provide jobs. *Also, the passage of a law prohibiting racial discrimination in public and private hiring. *As well as, a $2 an hour minimum wage. Northern Cities
-Detroit & Chichago
Southern Cities
-Birmingham & Atlanta
Other Small Towns
-Danville, Virginia
-Albany, Georgia How? *bus *train *skates *walk !SOME FROM SOUTHERN CITIES WERE HARASSED OR THREATENED ON THEIR WAY! ...because they BELIEVED! They believed in Freedom! They believed that one day they would belong! They also believed in equality for EVERYONE!
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