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Oliver Twist

By Nick Heinrich

Nick Heinrich

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Oliver Twist

MAIN CHARACTERS Brief Summary Major Conflicts Messages Themes -One of the main themes in this book is Poverty. Dickens really enlarges this theme throughout the book.
-Another theme would be crime. Novels about crime were very popular at that time.
-Also, the most important theme in this book would be mistaken identity. -One of the messages Dickens writes about is social injustice. Oliver's workshop is one of the examples of social injustice because Oliver and other orphans are treated poorly. They dont have enoough food to grow and some of them are very unhealthy and dirty. Mr. Bumble, the one incharge of the workhouse in which Oliver was raised, treats a lot of the orphans badly. Oliver was going to work as a chimeny sweeper but he refused. Later on, he was forced to work as a tomb maker. Oliver Twist: a poor orphan who seems destined for a life of misery and crime. " The child was thin and pale and always hungry and unhappy."
Mr. Bumble: a greedy parish official in charge of the workhouse where Oliver is raised.
Noah Claypole: the undertaker's assistant who makes life miserable for Oliver. Fagin: an old man who is the leader of a gang of theives and housebreakers.
Nancy: a girl in Fagin's gang who tries to help Oliver. Mr Brownlow: a kind old gentleman who befriends Oliver and searches for his identity.
Monks: the mysterious man with secret reasons for wanting to destroy Oliver.
Mrs. Maylie: a gentle woman who takes Oliver into her home. Rose Maylie: a beautiful girl who befriends Oliver.
Mrs Corney: the workhouse matron who learns about the secret of Oliver's identity. A boy becomes an orphan after the death of his mom. He gets shuffled around from place to place, getting exploited wherever possible. He ends up getting in the wrong crowd (a gang of petty thieves) and doing some things which he knows that he shouldn't (such as picking a pocket or housebreaking). It ends positively with Oliver finding happiness under the care of a wealthy family. More In detail:
Oliver was abused both mentaly and physicaly once he was born in the workshop. His mother had died giving birth to Oliver. After many horrible jobs, Oliver decided to run away to London. There he finds Fagin's gang of theives and gets tricked into stealing or pickpocketing Mr. Brownlow and other civilians. The kind old man finds out soon enough and catches Oliver but then he forgives him immediatly after seeing Oliver's shock. You must note that Oliver did not know that Fagin's band were theives. Thanks For Watching Folks Setting The primary setting in this book is Victorian London in the late 1830s. Oliver must escape the gang before he can be used for anything dangerous like a housebreaking. He did succede this conflict but the first try of the escape he was taken back to Fagin. Eventually, Oliver managed to escape again and this time he was safe from Fagin because Monks had already been interrogated and he said that Fagin had to was guilty of all the crimes he had comitted. "He ran away from his parents , who took good care of him" Another conflict was that he had to survive life in the workshop. Sometimes he was starving, other times he was cold and dirty. He did survive this conflict by running away to London.
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