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unit 702

task a Developing skills for employment in the catering and hospitality industry

ryan hodgson

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of unit 702

unit 702
Devloping skills for employment in the catering and hospitality industy

Two key Sectors in the Industry
Legal requirements
Visa/ work permit if not from the UK
Proof of ID
National insurance
Food safety award level 2
Home adders
CRB checks
What GDP means - Gross domestic product
GDP continued
Difference between the Commercial sector and Public sector
The differences between the two sectors are:
One is set up to solely make profit as the main trading purpose.
The other is there to serve people in a non profit making way.
Size of the Industry
How many people work in the industry and how big it is.

Effects on the Industry
Consumers can have a massive affect to the Hospitality, Catering and Travel Industry through the following points.

The two key Sectors are
Public Sector
Commercial Sector
what is the commercial sector
Is a business set up to make a profit.
Examples of these are pubs, restaurants and take a ways
what is the public
The commercial sector are business set up not to make a profit. Examples of these are hospitals, school and nursing homes.
How many people work in the industry
There is an estimated 1.7 Million people employed in the UK in this industry that's a total of 6% of the working population
How many business are there in the uk
Commercial 1,216,749
Hotels - 238,025
Restaurants 500,000
Pubs 360,174
Contract catering 172,550
PUBLIC 1.4 million

In the next 7 yrs
The BHA (british hospitality association) pledge to create 6 ,000 jobs for young people aged 16-24 yrs as new jobs, apprenticeships and work placements by 2015 and by 2020 they are going to create 300,000 new jobs
What GDP is
How many goods or services are produced in a Country over a space of time
What I think
I think from research that I have read and by watching the news on TV the hospitality, catering and tourism added £32.5 billion to the economy last year
The state of national report 2013 from peoples first indicate that£40.6 billion making 4.2% of the UK's GDP
How much can sport events bring in to the UK
In 2012 the olympics brought in £9.9 billion according to the BBC sports news and other sports events £2.3 billion in the catering and tourism industry. Premier league football and Rugby.
Explain how it will help
It creates jobs.
Helps pay taxes i.e Vat.
Improves the Economy.
Increase the feel good factor due to the lower unemployment.
BBC sports news


Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
food trends- types of food served.
International cuisine sampled whilst on holiday.
The amount of disposable income they have available to spend of dining and holidays
Cost of food and living
Advertising has a positive effect on consumer purchase.
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