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Copy of optional parts of a business letter

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Joanne Lois

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of optional parts of a business letter

Optional Parts
of a
Business Letter

1. Attention Line
-directs the business letter
to where it should go
-This helps the letter reach
the specific person it is intended for
-The attention line is placed two spaces below the inside address and may be placed at the center or at the left.
The word Attention is typed with an initial capital letter only and then followed by a colon and the name of the receiver as much as possible, their full name must be used. However if you don't know the name of the person, you may use a title. For example: Attention: Head of Account Receivable.
2. Subject line
-is the summary of
the topic of the business
letter in a few words
there are two ways of writing the subject line
the subject is centered about two lines
below the salutation/greeting and
its letters are all caps
the subject line is typed three lines below
the inside address written in the combination
of the lowercase and the uppercase letters,
then in an underlined manner and flushed
with the left margin
3, Enclosure Notation
-used to indicate that another
item(s) are enclosed along with
the document

. The word Enclosure(s) or its abbreviation Encl. is typed two lines below the signature or one line below the reference initials, and flushed with the left margin
-You can either identify the enclosure or
indicate how many pieces there are.

-It is also the reference check by both the recipient and the sender to make sure everything included in the letter is actually sent
4. Copy Notation
- lets the receiver know that one or more people will also be sent a copy of the letter
Begin the copy notation on the line directly under any previous notation.

. If there is no previous notation, type the copy notation on the second line below the writer’s signature block
Type cc: followed by a space, and type the names of the people who will receive a copy. If you are sending copies to several people, set a tab and align the names vertically
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