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West Indian Manatee

Project for science class

makayla doran

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of West Indian Manatee

Trichechus Manatus The West Indian Manatee Animal Description Size- Calves are typically 3-4 feet long; adults are 9 feet long
Weight- calves 40-60 lbs; adults can be 800-1,200 lbs
Color- Typically grey; can range from black to light brown
2 abilities: They stay the near surface, and breathe every 3-5 minutes. West Indian Manatees can consume 10-15% of it's body weight daily.
Lifespan: In the wild, 30 yrs, in captivity, 28 yrs
Numbers left in the wild: 4,834 manatees (January 2011) 1 Reason for Status Humans are killing manatees by propellers on boats or hitting them with boat hulls. In 1976 and 2000, those crashes counted for 24% of the West Indian Manatee deaths. That makes the population go down. Conservation Efforts 1 People are marking off parts of manatee water and manatee homes. That protects the manatees from dying. Pop Quiz Were you paying attention? Let's find out.....

Question 1:
Manatees cannot survive in water below:
A. 68 degrees
B. 75 degrees
C. 54 degrees Bye-Bye!! We hope you had fun learning about the West Indian Manatee. YOU can help save the manatees! Remember, 1 million starts with 1. Status: Vunerable By: Makayla Doran and Sophia Tumolo Adaptation 2: Manatees have large molars that help chew it's food. Adaptations Adaptation 1: Manatees can not survive very long in water below 68 degrees fahrenheit, so they migrate to warmer waters. Range and Habitat Habitat: The manatee lives in the marine biome, specifically tropical and subtropical waters. Range: The manatee lives in a range of places, including Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Central America. Diet and Predators West Indian Manatees are herbivores. They eat 60 different species of plants. They also eat small fish and clams. The West Indian Manatee has few predators, but some are whales sharks, crocodiles and alligators. 2nd reason for Status Another threat is manatees have been hunted for meat, hide, and oil by humans. Hunting = Manatee population going down. Conservation Efforts 2 Jimmy Buffett founded Save-The-Manatee club to protect Florida's water quality. People are planning to pump out springs where manatees live. Answer! A!!!!! A warm 68 degrees... Question 2 In 1976 and 2000, those crashes counted for __% of the West Indian Manatee deaths. What percent was that?
A. 32%
B. 24%
C. 63% Answer! B!!!!!! 24% Question 3 True or False?
Manatees have a bunch of tiny, tiny, TINY molars. Answer! False!!! Manatees have LARGE molars, remember? Question 4 True or False?
Jimmy Buffett founded the Save-The-Manatee Club. Answer! True!! Jimmy Buffet loves manatees. Question 5 Fill in the blanks!
Scientific name of the West Indian Manatee:
Trichehus _______ Answer!!!!!! Fill in the blank: Trichechus Manatus! Manatee Video Oh my!
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