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Kyle Ducusin

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Memory
An Important Person In My Life
The most important person in my life is my dad. He 's important to me because he teaches me new things, like how to cut the grass and other hard chores that my dad does. He' s also funny because he makes jokes more funnier then it sounds like. He also can fix broken things like his car window and other things that are gonna break.
I See Myself In The Future
My dream job is to be a Marine Scientest. The education that is required is
The place I want to live in Miami, Florida. It's because Miami is close to the ocean and there is a swamp too.
It's important for me in Miami because there is unknown species in the ocean near Florida.
My favorite memory was when I went to Ho' olauna Puna because it was at a beach. The beach is called Pohoiki. It happened the first week of June. When I went to Pohoiki we learned about hawaiian culture like how they grew food, got food, also how they lived. The people who was with me was Colt and Rolan. What we did was throw net, tie hook, pound poi, make haupia, and other Hawaiian things. This memory is important to me because I learned a lot about Hawaiian culture and we go to swim.
Kyle Ducusin
Thank You For Watching!!
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