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Clean Guys Laundry

No description

lawrence luu

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Clean Guys Laundry

Clean Guys Laundry © By: Adam Angibeau, Mariah Sheahen
Micheal Gianelli, Lawrence Luu Service Start Up Costs Laundry Plans Profit Summary Game PLan Clean Guys Laundry acts as a middle man laundry service. Our company picks up your dirty laundry from your dorm, transports it to a Professional Laundromat off campus and then returns your clothing the following day-Washed, Dried and Folded. Total
LLC: Units
1 $100

Bags: Units Unit Price
100 $1.65 $165

Employees: Units $/Hr Hr per Wk/Emp Hr per Sem/Emp
4 9 5 65 $234

Vehicles: $ per Gallon # of Weeks Gallons per week
3.5 13 2 $91

Advertising: Social Media Radio Newspaper (1/2 Page)
Loyola Free 250 290
Hopkins Free 320 650
Goucher Free 75 170
Towson Free 300 385 $2440

GRAND TOTAL: $5136 Weekly Plans: Light Medium Heavy
$15 $20 $25 Laundry Plans/W: Light Medium Heavy One Time
per plan 4.5 6 7.5 6

Laundry Plans/S: 58.5 78 97.5 6
per plan 4 Employees each take own car, we pay for gas

Each Employee works 5 hours per week 1 at each school

We work with a commerical Partner who offers us discount wash dry fold for 70Cents per pound Semster Plans: Light Medium Heavy
$195 $260 $325 One Time: $20 Assume: 25 Light 50 Medium 25 Heavy Per Semester Light/W Light/S Medium/W Medium/S Heavy/W Heavy/S Total/W Total/S

Revenue: $375 $4875 $1000 $13000 $625 $8125 $2,000 $26,000

Cost: $262.5 $3412.5 $700 $9100 $437.5 $5687.5 $1,400 $18,200

Profit: $112.5 $1462.5 $300 $3900 $187.5 $2437.5 $600 $7,800

Margin=0.3 Revenue: $26,000

Costs include Start up: $21,146

Profit Per Semester: $4,854

Assume 100 Plans Sold Group Management Planing to meet

present and productive meetings

Team Leadership

Losing a group member

Management Styles

Inside Insiders Thank You!!

Questions? Check us out! Website : http://www.cleanguyslaundry.com



http://www.loyola.edu/department/ocs.aspx A survey of loyola indicated roughly about 40%
(sample size of 400 students) would use this service. We expect similar reactions from neighboring colleges. Methods of Payment Checks
Credit/Debit cards
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