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The Odyssey; The Journey of Odysseus

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Barinder Kallay

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of The Odyssey; The Journey of Odysseus

The Odyssey; The Journey of Odysseus Illiad Part of Homer's Epic poem; The..... The story of the Trojan War ORDER CHAOS THE HERO QUEST CYCLE Will be Represented in the Hero Quest Cycle
Unusual Birth or Origin Protected Youth Preparation and Readiness The Journey Upon the journey the Hero encounters these locations;
- Labyrinth or Forest
- Sacred Grove
- Underworld Ultimate test DIVINE INTERVENTION Rewards As a Reward, the Hero recieves an important marriage, or important marriage, or even both Now back to....... The Odyssey; The Journey of Odysseus Sometimes the gods interfere Call To Adventure The Hero's return The Hero may come across a sacrifice or betrayal. Unusual Birth or Origin Unlike other heroes, Odysseus does not have an unusual birth. Just like Jason, they were born normally. Preparation and Readiness Odysseus also does not have any preparation Odysseus also does not have any preparation or readiness prior to his journey During the journey the hero will face Threshold guardians, obstacles set to stop the hero from completing his journey. The hero will also aquire Hero Partners during his Journey Call To Adventure Upon defeating Troy by fooling them with a offering. Odysseus, full of Pride bellowed in victory, and began to depart for Ithaca, his home. However, before departing Poseiden lord of the sea, punishes Odysseus for the cruelty of the Greeks by challenging him. Odysseus cannot return to Ithaca. The journey begins. The Journey Order Chaos Unlike most Heroes Odysseus aquires hero partners to help him before the quest. A crew of Greek soldiers Odysseus has now made a Nemesis:
Poseidon, lord of the sea Wandering the sea for 9 days the crew finally find land...... The Island of the Lotus Eaters - This is the first threshold guardian
- Odysseus notices that a few crew members had been addicted to the Lotus Fruit, and they refused to leave
- Odysseus then overcame this challenge by chaining the addicted members to the ship and sailing far away from the island. Polyphemus After escaping, Odysseus and the rest of the soldiers arrived on yet another unknown island. The crew then went to a large cave, soon to realise that it was home to a Cyclops. Polyphemus then trapped everyone by sealing the mouth of the cave with a large boulder. Odysseus then loses a few members to Polyphemus so that the rest of the crew would survive. Odysseus then decides to trick the cyclops, by making him drunk with wine and blind him by stabbing his eye, then finally escape by hiding underneath the bellies of the sheep of Polphemus. Just like how Hercules tricked Atlas, Odysseus tricks Polyphemus. Soon the Crew makes their way to the floating island of Aeolia DIVINE INTERVENTION Aeolus warden of winds, treats the crew to a month of feasts and festivals. On the departure Odysseus is then given a bag full of winds, which are to be released only when he reaches home, which is not far until......... The Lestrygons His crew opens the bag, and they get blown off course to the next location. This is the betrayal. Again like Hercules, Odysseus faces many threshold guardians, and set backs. Also Odysseus recieves gifts from the gods like Perseus. Not only this, but Penelope the wife of Odysseus must choose to remarry, and there are already many suitors in line. Penelope believes that Odysseus is alive and is stalling. Penelope is the Damsel in destress Now far away from home, Odysseus and the soldiers make their way to another unfamilliar island. Just like Pandora, she opened the box gifted to her. These giants are the third threshold guardian Three members then go out to explore, only to find that they were being lured by the daughter of the chief of the Lestrygons, and so the Lestrygonians attacked Odysseus' fleet. Only Odysseus and a few soldiers remain. Like Medea from Jason and the Golden Fleece, the daughter of the Lestrygons' chief lured Odysseus' men. Odysseus has now went through three main settings throughout his journey and the are:

Labyrinth= The Sea

Sacred Grove= Island of Circe

The Underworld= The Underworld itself Now the tired Crew makes their way to island of Aeaea - A exploration party is made.
- After a while, a soldier returns with bad news.
- That there is a sorceress on the island, also the other men were turned into animals.
- Odysseus then sets out to find the sorceress, Circe
- Odysseus then gets advice from Hermes messenger of the gods, like Hercules and Perseus
- Odysseus then saves his men
- Circe then makes Odysseus and his crew stay on her island for a year Circe is the wizard and temptress in this myth, just like the Queen of the Amazons. Tiresias Tiresias=Magic Talisman
similar to:
The Oracle of Delphi
The Gray Hags Odysseus must then sacrifice a ram to Tiresias for answers. Odysseus then learns what he must do to get home. The Sirens The Sirens were creatures lured men to their death with their singing. Knowing this Odysseus took beeswax to seal the sound of the Sirens for his men, and then gets tied to the boat by his men, and lived to tell what the Sirens sounded like. The Sirens are also Threshold guardians. The Daughter of the cheif is the Trickster Scylla & Charybdis Scylla - Lives in a cave
- Multiple heads like the Hydra
- Also punished by the gods, like Medusa
- Odysseus losses six more men Charybdis - Is a Whirlpool
- Sucks up ships Hyperion's Cattle Odysseus then reaches to the island of Hyperion's Cattle. As told, Odysseus must not touch the cattle. After a while food ran out. Hungry, the soldiers ate cattle, only to be killed by Zeus' thunderbolt. Odysseus is the only survivor. Ultimate test Island of Calypso - Odysseus landed on the shores of Calpso's island
- Odysseus is held prisoner for 7 years, but cared for
- Odysseus gets pitied by the Gods and is released by their command
- Odysseus then builds a raft Phaeacia - Poseidon destroys Odysseus' raft, causing Odysseus to wash up on the shores of Phaeacia.
- Nausicaa daughter of the king, helps out Odysseus.
- Odysseus is thrown a banquet by the king.
- Odysseus is then sent back home with the king's help Hero's Return - Finally Odysseus makes it home.
- Athena goddess of wisdom then turns Odysseus into begger
- Odysseus then was reunited with his son; Telemachus.
- Then turned back into a begger.
- The father and son depart to the palace, upon their arrival Queen Penelope decided that she would choose the suitor who can string the bow of Odysseus, and shoot it through 12 axes.
- After regaining his rightful place, Odysseus is then transformed back into his normal age. This is the unmasking
- With the help of Telemachus, Odysseus had slain all of the suitors, and was reunited with Penelope, as well as retreive his throne. Like Jason, Odysseus is favored by Athena Home Odysseus completes his ultimate test, which was to return to Ithaca and kill the suitors. He also reveals his true identity to Penelope. To return to Ithaca, and get rid of the suitors. Here are two maps of Odysseus' journey By: Barinder
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