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Sarah Churchill Salem Witch Trial

No description

Bailey Jean

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Sarah Churchill Salem Witch Trial

Sarah Churchill Salem Witch Trial
Bailey Bourell

Accused Because.
Ray, Benjamin. ''Salem Witch Trials.'' The University of Virginia. 2002. Benjamin Ray. 23 October 2013. Salem.lib.virginia.edu/people?group.num=all&mbio.num=mb38.

Accused Of.
Sarah had been accused of Signing the devil's book. She'd hang out with afflicted girls. They'd do witch craft.
Grew up in Saco, Maine
Arthur & Eleanor Churchill
Accused & an Accuser
A Weaver
Background Information.
While Sarah was 8 years old the Wabanaki Indians had attacked Saco, Maine. During this attack Sarah & her parents had joined 50 other people living with her grandfather, Major William Philips. The Indians had attempted to burn down all of the settlers. the failed to do so, but they did manage to shoot & injure many settlers. Including Major William Phillips. The attack had scared the Churchills into moving to Marblehead, Massachusetts. The fate of her mother is Unknown & her father had died in 1710.
Background Information.
Sarah had accused an
80 year old man that he had done witch craft.
The Ending.
The confession that Sarah had fessed up to was the reason that she was not hung in Salem. She was married to Edward Andrews at the age of 28. At the age of 25 the crisis had begun.
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