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growing up is

hard to do. Presented at the 2015 Urban & Regional Information Systems Association BeSpatial Conference, Oakville, Ontario

Paul Giroux

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of growing up is

growing up is
hard to do!
Use GIS capability/maturity models to build your roadmap to Enterprise GIS success.
Goal 1. Reach out. Let's get engaged :-)
Goal 2. Maturity? Share what I know.
Goal 3. Explore some 'First Principles'
Goal 5. Share My Experience.
Goal 6. Be transformational.
About Me!
Start here > http://about.me/paulgiroux
Engage business units
GIS Analyst/Administrator
in I.T.
Education: Master of Science in GIS (Irrelevant? Credentials creep? :-)
What's really relevant
Career start in the pioneering days* of crowdsourcing, plug-in-less map services (MapGuide Lite)
and open data using DMOZ.
20 years in web development, servers, web gis, workflows, process, UX, CF, JS, etc......
Forced to be a 'jack of all trades' and strive to be a 'full stack employee' (see my about.me page)
ESRI Trained - Google and twitter current :-)
Tip: Google "esri credentials creep"
*That means I'm really old.
My Glossary of Terms
- Modernize, serverize, centralize
- getting-it-ness, employee innovators
(cheer these)
- GIS & shapefile (
- paperfication & PDFication of data
- divergence, status quo
- clownery, buffoonery & shinaniganry
(boo these)
- Stealth Enterprise Architecture (EA)
- Congruency & coherency
- Technological Frame of Reference
- Guerilla Modeling
- Psychological sense of ownership
- Enterprise GIS (EGIS)
- Disruptive, transformational (these are getting old)
- Slim GIM (my pragmatic framework ... free to you!)

(clap for these)
Why bother?
"provide a
against which to
periodically measure
"constitute a
proven framework
within which to manage the improvement efforts."
quantify using best practices
& feed the subjective/qualitative like SWOT.
without having to perform a full GIS Strategy document.
Common models

Even Keel
/W4Sight Maturity Model for Enterprise GIS

GIS Capability Maturity Model
National Geospatial Advisory Council (
Model for Assessing GIS Maturity of an Organization by Jaana
... and now,
Slim GIM
Developed as part of my dissertation
Incorporates most
common critical success factors
You can
do it in an hour
and boom! Roadmap complete.
Axiom #2
An Organization impacts it's people, their processes, the workflow and ultimately, GIS Data Quality
Axiom #3
Municipalities have an 'entrenched status quo' resulting in inertia
Axiom #1
From a tech perspective, Enterprise GIS is now easy to implement.
Thanks to ESRI, ArcGIS Online, COTS, etc. it's all done for you, even the cartography is being automated!
"[With first principles] you boil things down to
the most
fundamental truths

and then reason up from there." - Elon Musk
Key Concept:
Technological Frame
Google "technological frames" and "Orlikowski"
Look at things differently
couldn't understand why the tech part was easy but flow of information wasn't
decided to focus on this for my M.Sc. dissertation
The techy stuff (where we're at)
HA architecture
(2 web, 2 app, 2 Oracle with 4 instances, 2 Geocortex, etc.
Address, Parcel, Water, Wastewater, Storm, Roads all well in hand
workflows documented
(Slim GIM) and ready for performance audit / reporting
1 Analyst/Admin in IT, 2 QA/QC "Power Editors"
in Planning, had 6 Waterloo students editing
ArcGIS Online, Open Gov
, oAuth app like Road & Lane Closures, Collector for Arcgis, etc.
to Tax (Vailtech), Building Permits (in dev), Cemetery (StoneOrchard), etc.
Our maturity / capability
our technology is strong, agile, integrated with ubiquitous access
our capability and GIS organizational structure isn't modern (divergent)
need a broader organizational EGIS awareness and commitment
need to improve process to align with technology & institutionalize EGIS
And if there's time?
If not, have questions?
More about Slim GIM & Our Stack
Interesting articles you should read!
Esri Management Blog - they're pushing hard on the Organizational Issues
Enterprise Architecture
Full Stack
(have a full tech. frame of reference)
ESRI Enterprise GIS. Geospatial Technology and t
he Future of the City
Ways we should help each other.
Let's reach out. (I have you in Linked in to boost my connection count only :-)
Look at Slim GIM, it's creative commons share alike. Give me feedback, I'll help you.
Share GIS Strategic Plans, Performance Audits, etc.
Today was high level, let's chat and I'll get detailed with you.
Application Show & Tell
Road & Lane Closure (Blends AGOL Editing, oAuth & EGIS)
Cemetery Viewer (pre-launch)
Recreation viewer (Web App Builder)
Survey Monuments (Web App Builder)
Squirrels in a wheelbarrow ?
This is a ridiculously busy diagram!
find & use your Innovators to drive change
they know their data best
no preconceived notions of GIS
more than a map, they want data & web
Measure Maturity/Capability (new lens)
it's science based (don't shoot the messenger)
use stealthily at first for bottom-up environments
most importantly, find a balance or EGIS is Fragile!
Be Mindful of Technological Frames
not everyone will get it, particularly traditional roles
Geospatial Information sessions (raise corp. expectation)
use your Innovators to change frames in their unit
Let's be friends :-)
let's learn from each other, share documents, etc.
I will volunteer some personal time - Call me!
Community Gardens (Story Map)
Rockcut Collector (AGOL, Collector, Disconnected editing)
CGS Enterprise GIS
Organizational Health + Workflow
Some Results
Here's a look at a few resulting products


Credits: W/WW Brittany & Student, GIS-S, IT PG
Credits: Cemetery Merek, GIS Laurel/Sue, IT Walter
Roads & Traffic
(and storm)
Mobile Trees (Green) vs. Surveyed-Asbuilt (Orange)
Advanced Network Attributes (For TES & dTIMS)
Collision Reports
+ Advanced web service symbology (height, etc.)
Credits: Roads Forestry Division, RP, JR, WD
Credits: Vertex3, Roads-JR, GIS-KVA, IT-PG
Credits: Roads-RP & JR, IT-WD
Credits: Roads-JR, IT-WD
Credits: GIS-KVA, IT-PG, AGOL for Cecutti, Shaw, Chiesa, Shelsted, Laframboise, EMS, etc.
Credits: Roads-RP, JR, IT-WD
Enterprise Databases & the Magic of Joins!
The wake up call!
Attention GIS Managers: New Strategies for New Times
Why wrestle with AGOL, oAuth etc. when others have ironed it out?
Let's chat Open Data and learn from each other.
Brag & boast about your cool stuff, others will likely want to do the same.
Technological Frames:
Making Sense of IT in Organizations
"With an estimated three billion people using the Internet, it’s no wonder that GIS is rapidly moving onto the web."
The New Era of Web GIS
How to build
collaborative cultures
in large organizations
Spatial Analysis Promotes Effective
Community Engagement
Building Sustainable GIS Management with URISA's GIS Capability Maturity Model
16 Things We Can Do to
Increase Geoliteracy
First principles thinking
: a better way to innovate
Hungry for more? Email me and I'll send you more!
(disrupt status quo)
Before we start:
for picking me today :-)
sorry for breaking cardinal rule of presenting
I put
tooooo much info
but that's because:
I want you to
view this again
as a resource
I want you to
call me after
, I can present remotely
Thank you!
Boo, cheer, heckle,
interrupt & ask questions
If we get off track, at least we'll
have some fun
Ground Rules
You will call me, right ?
The City of Greater Sudbury Experience
1 Contract Programmer in IT
working on Geocortex Workflow (Parcel, Cemetery)
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