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ISIS Presentation

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Daire Collins

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of ISIS Presentation

ISIS and the Myths:
#1: Irrational Actor
#2: Birth of the Movement
#3: Funding
ISIS and Terrorism:
ISIS, Terrorism and the Media
Timeline of ISIS:

al-Zarqawi creates Tawhid wa al Jihad

US invades Iraq. al-Zarqawi sets up al Qaeda in Iraq

al-Zarqawi killed. Successor sets up Islamic State in Iraq (ISI). Weakened by US troop surge

Civil War in Syria. ISI now led by al-Baghdadi, supports Syrian opposition. Al Qaeda disowns group - too violent

Jan 2014:
ISIS gains ground in Iraq in North and East

June 2014:
ISIS announce creation of Caliphate
ISIS Oil Map
Islamic influence on acts of Terrorism:
Haddith: "
Paradise lies in the shadow of the sword
Often used out of context by extremist groups. Only refers to the use of violence in the name of legitimate Jihad.

Wahibi interpretation of Islam: Executions by the state are made publicly on Fridays, after prayers. Prisoners are beheaded with a sword, often in front of large crowds.
Beheading as a Form of Terrorism:
Terrorism: Disputed term.

Broadly defined as:
'Use of, or threat to use violence against non-combatants in order to effect political change and achieve political goals through an atmosphere of fear.' - Lentini
New Media:
Internet Connectivity
Increase by 480%

Middle East:
Increase by 2000%

Increase by 15000%
Internet Connectivity:
The Islamic State
Islamists and New Terrorism
Increasing lethal
Focus on new technology
Striving to use WMDs
Diverse funding networks
Increased religious role
More suicide attacks
Crime and Terrorism mix
ISIS myths are easy to rule out. Information is out there. I recommend Vox.com

There is some grounding in the Qur'an for their actions, however this is only through selective readings.

They are beheading Westerners, as a tactic of terrorism. A "progression" from hostage taking.

ISIS' actions aids in disproving theory of New Terrorism. Solidifies the Four Wave theory.
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