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The Lost World

work of english

Conrado Castro Velasco

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Lost World

The Lost World The author of this book is by: Arthur Conan Doyle. The main characters are:
Mr. Malone (A reporter)
Prof. Challenger (A scientist)
Prof. Summerly (A scientist)
Mr. Roxton (A hunter)
Apeman king
Indian prince Our story begin in New York There was Mr Malone working to its newspaper company. Mr. Malone His boss said to him to make an interview with Prof. Challenger. But Mr. Malone know that Prof. Challenger don`t like the repoters the other week Prof, was near to kill a reporter. Prof.Challenger send him a letter were said to talk their ideas of THE LOST WORLD. In monday, Mr. malone go to talk in Challenger's house. There was Prof. Challenger sit on a chair, then Mr malone make questions to Prof. Challenger. When he finish to talk Prof. Challenger go up and said you are not a science student you are a reporter. Mr. Malone said to the policeman that was his fault, so the policeman go away. hola Prof. Challenger pleased with Mr. Malone said all his ideas of The lost world. he said that when he go to the amazon he had an experience with the indians, 2 days after he stay in the indian village they bring to prof Challenger a person that was killed by any animal in the forest, then he saw a sketch book where have a lot of pictures and there were drawings of dinasours in a highland. This is a drawing of Maple white. It is an OLOSAURUS They go to south america. There were indians and take them to the edge of the highland. They couldn`t see a way to enter to the highland. So Prof. Challenger said to Mr,Malone to cut the tree to make a bridge. Go throw then and they make a camp. Then they heard a terrible sound was the bridge of tree was broken and do it a servant because lord Roxton kill his brother so Mr Roxton take a gun and kill him. So they were trapped in the lost world. Then pass the first night there they see iguanodons but that night they aren't. then they see a then they see an iguanodon dead and they saw T-Rex eating the dinasour. They make a tour throw the lost world that evening malone do a map of the lost world he do alone a treasure When he return all their friends weren't there there were indians mr roxton kill the ape king threre was a war with the indians vs apes people tar circles to eat them the indian boss show a way to go out of the lost world the persons ask a real evidence of the lost world and prof, challenger take a box and open it. The end they go to a administral conference
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