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Online Free Spanish

No description

Jessica Davis

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Online Free Spanish

Online Free Spanish
Overall Description
This sites purpose is to offer spanish lessons for both parents and children.
Primary Features
Online website designed to teach spanish for free
Lists three levels of spanish from beginning level to a advanced level.
Constant update of all learning materials.
Features a newsletter list to submit an email address that sends and updates to you so you don't have to visit the website.
Various categories for all types of learning.
How to use Online Free Spanish
Type in the web address
Decide what level of learning you want and click on it
Chose the type of activity you like
Start Learning.
Overall Evaluation
This website overall is decent for kids to interface and learn with. It’s easy to use, and has other effective tools such as voice command. The voice command or translator gives you the correct pronunciation to everyone who uses the site. With this website kids and adults can gain a great introduction to the language of Spanish and hopefully give them the encouragement to further their knowledge in Spanish.
Online Free Spanish
Knowing Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 400 million people worldwide.
Educational Benefits and Examples
Onlinefreespanish.com provides an easy and simple interface that allows the website viewer to go through the website with care. With two simple clicks the user can instantly enter a part of the website designed for their own level. It also provides an endless amount of handouts and activities that can be done off the website and for more than one person. Overall best part is that it is free.
Ease of Use
The website is very easy to use. Simply click on the level you like to do then a lesson and activity
Quality of the Design
The website is well organized and all levels and activities are easy to find and click on. Everything is set up on the left side of the page that tells you what levels to choose.

Engaging the Student
The website features a simple get away to several levels. Within these levels are activities that grab the student’s attention. Many decisions as far as coloring pages, picture definitions, word searches to matching pages is what students and parents will engage in.

Meaningfulness of the Content
These activities might seem a little simple, but these activities provide an introduction to the Spanish language. The pictures provide a visual background to what the student is learning to better reinforce the definitions.
The only help option available is the “contact us” tab. With this website anyone who uses it can send an email to the owner detailing any question or suggestions. The websites doesn’t provide any direct tutoring options, but does offer websites to the official tutors.

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