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on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Inhalants

what are some other names for inhalants?
Aimies,Air blast,Ames,Amys,
Aroma of men,Bagging,Bang,Bolt,
Boppers,Bullet,Bullet bolt,Buzz Bomb,Chroming,Climax,Discorama,
Highball,Hippie crack,Honey oil, Huff,Laughing gas,Medusa,Moon gas,Oz,Pearls,Poor man’s pot,
Poppers,Quicksilver,Rush,Rush Snappers,Satan’s secret.

What products are considered inhalants?
typewriter correction fluid
air freshener
felt tip markers
spray paint
cooking spray
there are over a 1000
what can inhalants do to the body?
almost all inhalants produce effects similar to anesthetics which slow down the body's function
according to the dosage the recipient can experience slight stimulation,feeling of less inhibition or loss of consciousness
they can also suffer from sudden sniffing death syndrome which means they can die the first or the 1000 time they inhale
other effects include damage to the heart, brain, kidney, liver, bone marrow, or other organs.
the damage is long term and inhalants are addictive.
who is more likely to use inhalants?
statistics say that young white males are more likely to use inhalants. hispanic and american indian populations also show high rates of possible usage.
can inhalants usage be treated?
its hard to find treatment centers for inhalants
users suffer a high relapse rate so they need 30-40 days of detoxification
Users suffer withdrawal symptoms which can include hallucinations, nausea, excessive sweating, hand tremors, muscle cramps, headaches, chills and delirium tremens.

inhalant info.
inhalants are normally common house hold objects (i.e. glass cleaner, or any sort of cleaner etc.)
they are probably the easiest way to get high
by the time a student has reached 8th grade 1 in 5 would have used an inhalant
using an inhalant is basically a inhaling of a gas or vapor with knowledge of what your doing with the purpose or intention of getting high.
Inhalant statistics.
598,000 teens/kids ages 12-17 have abused inhalants use
more than 22.9 million people have used inhalants once in their life
by eighth grade 1 in 5 students had used inhalants before
in 2006 studies said that 1.1 million students had used inhalants from ages 12-17
Inhaling current event article.
SUMMARY: there is an office in Canada where there is supervised heroine injection center, and the office in Canada wanted to make a supervised inhaling center. the people had tried to stop the heroine injection center in 2006 but the request was denied and again in 2009 but it was ignored. while this was being debated a lady wanted this safe inhaling site because she feels that if there was a place like this her daughter wouldn't have overdosed. the office tried to argue that it helps with their addiction, and gets the smokers off the streets.when this article was written there wasn't a resolution.
Negative effects.
there are several between short and long term plus overdose.
short term: sneezing, coughing, and nosebleeds. also fatigue and lack of cordintion. overdose:violent behavior, and disorentation. long term:hepitis, weight loss and fatiuge.
More inhalant info.
inhalants don't really seem like that big of a deal but a large amount of students use inhalants to get high.
Volatile Solvents, liquids that vaporize at room temperature, this is considered a inhalant.
a large amount of people who use inhalants experience hallucinations and addictive habits to inhalants.
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