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Starbucks: marketing idea

International business- cool international marketing ideas

Yolanda Yao

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Starbucks: marketing idea


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The aim of Starbucks was to give the customer more than just a cup of great coffee.
They wanted it be a life experience, an experience that customers would like to continue and make it one of their routine functions.
the largest coffeehouse company in the world.
20,891 stores in 62 countries.
Starbucks products:
beverage (coffee, tea, juices, etc), pastries, whole coffee beans and merchandises (books, music, mugs, etc).
Discussion questions
Starbucks aims at high standards, introduction of innovative products and providing excellent service combined with unforgettable experience. Its product-mix expanded from 8 main categories of drinks types and 7 food categories.
Starbucks always tried to deliver high value to the consumers by buying quality beans, assuring that their staff got effective and efficient training, and creating an environment to enjoy coffee. For this, Starbucks’s customer had to pay more; it was expensive.
Mostly Starbucks is in to direct supply channel. With their line of vision such practice is important and it helps to keep a personal relationship with the customer. Starbucks can be found in any neighborhood where there is a potential high traffic for its stores.
Global marketing idea:
Marketing mix
Their main strategy was not to spend money largely on advertising. Before opening a new store, they organize big community events highlighting each locations personality, imprint information on mugs and t-shirts as promotion activities, introduce Starbucks Card and also establish “smart partnerships” with already known local representatives who would act as local ‘ambassadors’ to promote their brand.
1. Marketing
2. Brand development strategy
3. Marketing mix
4. Product, Place, Price, Promotion
: marketing is the sum of all the activities involved in the planning, pricing, promotion, distribution, and sale of goods and services to satisfy consumers' needs and wants.
Brand development strategy
: the use of a foreign subsidiary to develop a product to complete in a local market.
Marketing mix
: product development, distribution, pricing, and the combination of advertising, sales promotion, and publicity.
: a good or service.
: distribution.
: pricing.
: the combination of advertising, sales promotion, and publicity promotion.
1. What are the major challenges facing Starbucks as it goes forward?
2. Is the brand advantage sustainable going forward?
3. Can Starbucks defend its position against other specialty coffee retailers?
A business tool used in marketing and by marketing professionals
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