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Batman Year One

By Noah Lordi

Noah Lordi

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Batman Year One

How others see him How Bruce Sees Gotham The Batman Who is Bruce Wayne? Gotham's Best looking millionaire page 3 "Some Idiot" page 11 A "Drifter" page 14 "Maniac" page 17 "Lucky amateur" page 33 "A giant bat" page 30
"A damned Robin Hood" page 40 As Bruce Wayne As Batman "A pig" page 81 "Wears a cape and hunts criminals" page 81 "A friend" page 96 Someone that is keeping a secret page 81 A city that needs a good cleaning "clean shafts of concrete and snowy roofs" page 2 "An achievement" page 2 "Its good to be home" page 4 Emotional scaring from his parents death His need to be better His quest to strike fear into his opponents Internal conflicts His lack of purpose at the beginning of the book What Bruce Says "Good to be back" page 4 "i should see the enemy" page 2 "I have the means, the skill, but not the method" page 7 "Lucky amateur" "To many people have died already" page 55 "I know pain" page 77 "Father, I am afraid i may die tonight" page 20 "I'd rather die than wait...another hour" page 20 "I shall become a bat" page 22 What Bruce Wayne does He decides to save the cops that shot him page 15 he Becomes Batman to strike fear into his opponents page 22 He almost kills a teenager page 30 He scares Falcone and the Roman page 39 He saves woman from a speeding truck, but exposes self to the police page 44 He gets trapped inside a building page 46 He intimidates Skeevers page 77 He saves Gordon's son page 95 External conflicts Risk of bleeding to death in his house page 22 Risk of getting shot when saving lady from truck page 44 Risk of being killed while in the building he was trapped in pages 46-63 Risk of exposing himself while in a bad part of town page 11 Horizontal plot Lieutenant Gordon comes to Gotham----------Bruce Wayne comes to Gotham----------Flass beats up a teenager---------Gordon sticks with morals and turns down a bribe----------Bruce scouts the city----------Gordon gets beat up----------Gordon gets revenge on flass---------Bruce is almost killed---------Bruce gets inspiration from a bat--------Chapter 2---------Gordon saves kids from a hostage situation---------Bruce becomes Batman----------Gordon suspects Dent to be Batman----------Batman saves a woman----------Batman gets trapped in a building---------chapter 3--------He escapes using bats---------Gordon cheats on his wife----------Chapter 4---------Gordon catches Skeevers----------Batman intimidates Skeevers----------Flass gets in trouble---------- Skeeversis almost killed---------Batman tries to record the Roman---------Cat woman messes it up------------The Roman tries to kidnap Gordon's son------------Bruce saves Gordon's son Bruce Wayne vs the Grad at Grad 5 pillars Openness to growth He realizes that, to succeed he needs Gordon as a friend. page 66 He knows that without fear he cannot win the battle against crime He constantly is aware of his own mistakes Committed to doing justice He saves the police men that shot him page 18 He saves the woman from the truck at his own expense He saves Gordon's baby Loving He takes the need of others over his own He pays for the suit he steals page 64 Intellectually competent He creates a slew of gadgets that could make millions He gets ski injuries to account for his whereabouts page 66 He is always thinking a step ahead Religious He is trying to help the world He is living for the greater glory of God Bruce Wayne's Choices His want for Revenge from the Childhood scaring The path of Defense mechanisms Path of Forgiveness reconciliation and humility The essential event of Batman's beginnings and all that he does to fight crime He chooses to become Batman He can't come face to face with his problem so he tries to deal with it in another way by helping others. Essentially is it compensation and sublimation due to his lack of self actualization He almost lets himself die He is to scared to face the world. He has lost his will to go on. Essentially he no longer feels that he can do anything and he has centered his own reality around himself being a failure. It is blatant that this is due to him never truly facing the problem at hand. Thanks for Watching He decides to fight with fear He is creating a shroud of fear around him that is a complete hypocrisy because he himself has not learned to face his fear. Although he is getting better, by choosing to fight with fear his is subverting his own problems. He may have don this because he knows fear but in the end does it matter what he knows if he never faces it. He never shows any prgress twords facing this fear he simply channeling it in a posative way He ends where he starts He chooses to forgive the cops The reason that this is important is that up till this point it is not obvious that Bruce is not a cold hearted killer. It would appear to be quite true. At this point he forgives the cops for shooting him and lets them live. It shows that he does not hold a grudge against them because police couldn't help his dying family. Bruce is constantly Telling himself he did wrong Throughout all of the book he is constantly calling himself a "lucky amateur" or an idiot for his actions. This shows Reconciliation for his actions. He acknowledges the problems and tries to address them in the future. This shows that his motives have moved away from the childish emotions that once ruled himw He decides he need Gordon on his side and he acts on it He realizes on page 66 that he need Gordon as a friend and at the end of the book this is accomplished. Gordon is a cop who at one point was responsible partially for many of his wounds and almost for his death. Batman forgives Gordon. And when Bruce saves Gordon's child he is humble and does not accept thanks but simply leaves This chows his motives have changed and he is making progress towards his goal He tries to record the Roman page 84 He becomes Gordon's friend page 96 The results and motives of Bruce's actions Motives Results He decides to save the cops that shot him page 15 he Becomes Batman to strike fear into his opponents page 22 He almost kills a teenager page 30 He scares Falcone and the Roman page 39 He saves woman from a speeding truck, but exposes self to the police page 44 He gets trapped inside a building page 46 He intimidates Skeevers page 77 He tries to record the Roman page 84 He saves Gordon's son page 95 He becomes Gordon's friend The Cops "probably have families" and it is the right thing to do He needs a method to fight crime and let out his own anger He is trying to stop them from stealing He is trying to make them hate him and fear him He is doing it because it is right and he does not want the woman to die This was a repercussion from saving the lad from the truck not intentional He needs Skeevers to talk about Flass and get the corruption out of Gotham HE wants to incriminate him and learn his plan It is the right thing to do and he need Gordon on his side, This is something that he wanted since page 66 The cops survive and he gets away He goes on a crime fighting spree as a vigilante All the teenagers survive and so does Batman They are all want him dead He gets trapped in a building HE barely escapes with his life Skeevers talks to the cops Catwoman messes it up, but he still figures out the Roman's next move Gordon no longer wants to catch Batman Gordon wants to help Batman fight crime How Is Bruce Wayne Developed Charecteriztion Literary Devices Onomatopoeia "Poomm" page 37 Simile "Another one hissing like a cat" page 13 Symbol the bat page 22 Imagery "It kicks, gunpowder burns my eyes and fills my nostrils" page 29 Does Bruce Wayne Forgive Yes No Although he forgives small acts he never really forgives anything that is really troubling him and therefore he never truly forgives. He never forgave his parents death and he never forgave the man who caused it. It is obvious that he will never change and never overcome anything because he cant forgive. He obviously forgives. On the multiple occasions
that were shown he made a conscious decisions to forgive. He reconciles himself for mistakes but the forgives himself he is letting out his hate and fear through forgiveness. It is blatant that he is forgiving the whole way through the movie. On at least three separate occasions he has forgiven and that is enough to prove he forgives.
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