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Rigorous Questions

A PD for teachers to create a rigorous questioning routine in their classrooms.

John Harrison

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Rigorous Questions

Rigorous Questioning in the Classroom English Language Arts Examples Although rigor has become a "buzz word," it has a practical meaning that can help you be a stronger teacher: How can I create a rigorous classroom environment? ONE way to push for rigor is to incorporate
a routine of CCSS-based questioning
into your instruction How do I incorporate rigorous questioning into my lessons? 1. Direct Instruction: Intentionally weave CCSS-based language into your communication with students.

2. Group Practice: Create task cards, focus questions, or collaborative activities using CCSS-based language.

3. Independent Practice: Create assessments modeled on CCSS-aligned materials How do I actually COME UP with the questions? What does RIGOR actually mean? Rigor is the cognitive demand we place on our students when we engage them in curriculum, present lessons, or structure group practice activities. Utilize a Cognitive Rigor Matrix Continually Reference the CCSS "Borrow" Language From CCSS-Aligned Materials Use Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge as a road map for critical thinking! Get yourself in the practice of making
this language an integral part
of your planning process! Social Studies Math Science How does Poe use word choice to impact the overall mood of his poem, The Raven? Analyze and describe how the Bill of Rights presents information about individual liberty.
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