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North America

No description

Southeast Jaguars

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of North America

North Africa
by Marquell
Goverment Phisical Geography Traditional People Yes!Because i wont to see how they live,work, and talk.And i also wont to see their schools and learning grades.why I wont to see how they live because if I wont to go visit I wont to know will I survive of will I like it there very much .I wont to see how they work because I wont to know if it's labor or phisical labor. Alast their talk. Because I wont to know if I can understand them and do what they say without them gittting mad at me.their school because if im on vacation i also wont to get my education and know how they talk their languge if and of them any of them are in the united states .and last but not least their learning process. IS it good,ok,or bad because I wont to know everything when I get back to the united states. Multiparty republic ALGERIA
Republic EGYPT
Jamahiriyh or a state of the masses paratice a military dictatorship LIBYA
Constitional monarchy MOROCCA
Multiparty republic TUNISHA Traditional people are the people of Romman and Morocco.The mosely sing and shout and ride thrrough the streets shooting rifles into the air but they usually do it before a wedding or for a visit to the government. The countries in the region are ALGERIA,EGYPT,LIBYA,MOROCCO,TUNISIA.
All of these states are located at the top of north Africa alone with
desarts,lakes,plateaus,highlands,mountians,vallies,lakes,and rivers.
popular colture Theres not really alot of people there because
there in North Africa it is mosely the Sahara desart
which is gitting bigger by the minute
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