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miguel abascal

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Shakespeare was an English poet and an English and play writer, he is really well-known because of such magnifcient plays he had written. He wrote tragedies, comedies and histories, some of his famous pieces of work are: Romeo and Juliet (1595), Macbeth (1610), A Midsummer Night's Dream (1590) and probably Hamlet (1599) was most popular play.
Entertainment in Shakespearean days
Entertainment. Who could live without it? As part of being human, we feel different emotions and feelings, and one of those thousands feelings is boredom. In order to get rid of that dreadful feeling, we created

Entertainment is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or joy.
For example: "
everyone just sits infront of the television for entertainment
But back in Shakespeare's day, there weren't any electronic devices. So...how did they provide entertainment?
Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers in the English Language. Shakespeare got very famous in his times because of his poems and plays, for example Shakespeare wrote a play called Romeo and Juliet (1595) also he wrote differents poems as A Fairy Song.
Shakespeare's life
Shakespeare was born on the 26th of April 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England in the Holy Trinity Church. His father was a glove-maker, Shakespeare studied grammar, latin, greek, history, maths and RE during his school time. When he was 17, he married Anne Hathaway (she was 23), they had three children, Hamet, Sussana and Judith. Shakespeare wrote 37 plays. Shakespeare died at a quite old age, which was on his 52nd birthday.
by Miguel, Juan, Nina and Bruno
Shakespeare 's London
Shakespeare's Plays
Most of Shakespeare's plays had been represented at The Globe, and most of his plays and poems, had been translated to many different languages and represented in many theaters all around the world.
As we know Shakespeare was married with a woman(Anne Hathway) but in some of the poems he wrote love letters directed to men. So people doubt that he could've been bisexual.
There is no direct evidence of Shakespeares religion he could be either catholic or protestant, his parents were catholic and a school debate agreed that he was a secret catholic as well.
Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet used many religious words and symbols for example:the scene when Romeo meets Juliet the first time is full of Christian words and phrases. Other techniques he used in Romeo and Juliet is when Romeo and Juliet commit suicide reaching the end of the play, the people question if Romeo and Juliet went to hell or heaven because commiting suicide is not allowed by the Christian Church.

Entertainment was extremly important to people in the Shakespearen/ Elizabethan times. Peoples' lives were hard and mortality was at a really high level due to the outbreaks of various Plagues. Some of the entertainment provided was...
Bull and Bear Bating
Public Executions/Pillorying/Whippings
Visiting Mental Hospitals and mocking the patients.

And of course, they had Shakespeare.
Bull & Bear Baiting
Shakespeare's Plays
Romeo and Juliet
(Children sexual Maturity)
Sexual relationships
Bull and Bear Baiting were immensely well known sports during Shakespeare's days. Rings in which these events were displayed were built all over England. Even the Queen would enjoy such barbaric scenes!

The capacity in the rings were up to 1,000 people, and you'd be suprised how fast they got filled. The viewer was protected by a wall built out of wood.

Bull Baiting consisted of a bull getting it's horns tied up, and getting attacked by trained bulldogs. Bull Baiting was much more common due to the scarcity and the cost of bears.

Bear Baiting is the same as Bull Baiting, the only difference is that the bear would get held by one leg or the neck with a metal collar.
Most of Shakespeare's biographers think that he could had gone to King's New School, but they are not sure as all the school records have not survived.There is no evidence that he went to university.
Public executions/pilloring/whippings and mocking patients at the mad house.
Daily Life
The people were mostly ignorant, they didn't read, write nor thought.
There was a change in the social scale, now it wasn't neccesary to be the child of wealthy parents to live a propper life.

In the Elizabethan era, it was the golden time of literature so there were lots of superstitions, for example they believed that a horse called Marocco could count, dance (act like a human) only because he weared silver shoes. in this order, people believed in lots of superstitions in those days.
Throught this play, Shakespeare show the children's attitude during Elizabethan times. At Shakespeare's day was very often the families had a "wet nurse", likely of a low society, this nurse were paid to breastfeed the family's children. But the nurse grew very near the children. So this produced sexual relationships between the nurses and the children. This typ f relationship could also been found between Juliet and her nuse.

Also at Elizabethan times - not like now - was very common to married at their 20 - or even younger as Shakespeare's case. As an example Romeo and Juliet. Thats why Elizabethan people were very shocked with Juliet's behavier. A girl at her age was not meant to kiss the boy at her first meeting or even express she will lose her virginity - that now, at our days is quite normal this. And the shock was completed by using a young male actor for Juliet's paper.

On the other hand, Juliet was like a girl of her age, she was under a strong control and she had to ask permision, even for go to the church. However, his behavier of being "disobedient or lying to her parents and showing sexual desire" that was waht increased the dramatic impact of the play a lot.
Shakespeare had the misfortune to live in London where there was a plague and medicine hadn't progressed that much since the medieval times.
While they were aware of how the body worked they still, if there was something wrong with you, it could be deficiency or phglem they came with this idea from the Greeks and Romans.
They had no idea about germs or micro organisms so an infection was always a risk, blood-letting was a common cure.
Love sickness was an illness in those times so if you had love sickness you would go to the doctor and let some blood out, so the helth was no good and because they thought that blood-letting was good the life expectacy went down.

There is a theory that the pieces of work shakepeare made were made by Marlowe instead of Shakespeare.The Canterburyn Kings College fundation saves hundreds of thousends of pounds to be given to the person that shows that Marlowe wrote the poems instead of Shakespeare
Other Fact
Some of the people that deffend this theory are Zeigler in 1895, Webster 1923, Calvin Hoffman in 1955 and A.D.Wright in 1994
"Historian and writer Santiago Postegillo"
The Religion
Yes you read right. Unfortunetly. People most certainly
enjoy this type or entertainment. As a matter of fact, they were the ones that were enjoyed best.

Whenever Queen Elizabeth I , captured a pirate, or was fooled by a traitor, she would either
hang them
or get their
heads chopped off
. Awful is it not. When someone did a minor theft, they would get held by the hands with a rope, woud be hanged up, or layed o he floor in the town square, and would get
whipped in the back
, with either a leather whip, or a rope. Ew...

And yes, people
mock people that were different, they would go to mental hospitals (most famous on was Bedlam) and tease the patients. Nurses and doctors said nothing! People were afraid of the unknown, and anyone that was different, would
be accepted by society.
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