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Imperialism in New Zealand

No description

Emily Allen

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Imperialism in New Zealand

By: Emily Allen How Britian Colonized New Zealand Reasoning of why Britain took over NZ The lasting effects of imperialism on New Zealand The colonial age was a race between the Europeans to establish overseas colonies and trading posts. This was to create mainly and most importantly, money and power. Without money and power there would have been little to no motivation to colonize Britain. Overall, they wanted imperial dominance. 1837:

A Man named Edward Wakefield comes up with this idea to build an organization called the New Zealand Association in London. After failing to win government support and encouragement of his plans, he was determined to find a colony as a private enterprise. However, during the same time France is also beginning to make plans to send out settlers as well. New Zealand being a very resourceful country, provided many wanted resources. The most commonly demanded resources were: flax for the sails of the navy, which is a fabric made from a New Zealand plant which was used in the manufacturing of sails. As well as this New Zealand was also settled for its valuable farmland. Farmland was valued greatly and many people wanted to create an ideal society. Britain also got New Zealand to defend France from getting power too close to Australia The effects of British imperial rule on New Zealand 's Maori people have left what is mostly viewed negativly but also somewhat ambiguously . Still today many Maori are remembered and mourned on from their deaths during the colonization era. However, Britain in the big picture helped New Zealand to develop and westernize into the bigger world. Before the 1840 's the Treaty of Waitangi , made New Zealand a Crown colony and therefore granting equality to all Maori New Zealanders. Britain's motivation behind colonizing the world Imperialism in New Zealand Edward Wakefield: Creator of the New Zealand Association Sail being threaded together made from New Zealand flax The Effects of imperialism on New Zealand Exposure to European diseases and dissemination of firearms among the militant Maori tribes resulted in massive population loss. As the European immigrants seized the most fertile lands, the Maori's were driven to the interior of the islands. The Maori's survived by acculturating to British law and government. A fellow Maori tribe member battling with a European disease How the Maori were impacted The Maori people are indigenous to New Zealand. In New Zealand Maori males are twice as likely to receive sicknesses than any other culture or race. The sicknesses included: heart disease, pneumonia, and influenza. So this meant that the diseases they were experiencing were among the more serious side of diseases. They also suffered from problems caused by the systematic destruction of their culture, way of life, loss of land, family structure, role models, and language. Poverty and marginalization played a big role in meaning that the Maori people found themselves on the wrong side of the road in many negative statics and circumstances such as: health, education, unemployment, mental health, and drug abuse. sources: http://greatbritain-inaustralia.wikispaces.com/Effects+of+Imperialism+in+Australia ,
http://www.mightystudents.com/essay/impact.British.Imperialism.131701 , http://www.beyondintractability.org/bi-essay/post-colonial, http://www.mightystudents.com/search?q=The+impact+of+British+Imperialism+on+the+Maori+people+of+New+Zealand+in+the+1860s , http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100519181648AAnU3IX
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