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Creating A Cleaner World

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Transcript of Creating A Cleaner World

Creating A Cleaner World
All over the world species of animals are being disturbed above and below the sea. Us humans are frankly oblivious to this problem that we are creating ourselves. This silent killer is trash, in particular plastic six-pack bottle rings. Animals are constantly get caught in this in inescapable ring of death. Its time we open our eyes and make a difference. To create a cleaner world.
These six-pack rings pose a threat to all animals, aqua life in particular. The innocent sea dwellers swim into the evil claws of the plastic that we put there ourselves because of our carelessness. Getting caught in the ring at a young age can cause deformities as they grow up to adulthood. Sometimes the animals can not get over this obstacle and die off because of being incapable of looking after themselves. Many of us turn a blind eye to this problem but we want to create a cleaner world.
One incident that grasped the heart of many people all over the internet was a young turtle by the name of Peanut. As a baby Peanut was caught in a six-pack ring in which he was stuck in for most of his life. Peanut began to grow into an adult but the rings posed a hardship. His shell was forced to grow around the plastic which caused severe damage to his vital organs. Later he was found and was sent to zoo who released of his rings and nursed him back to health. Although Peanut is still deformed, he is happy to say that he now lives a ring free life.
Our new innovative replacement for these inconvenient six-pack rings is a revolutionary, biodegradable cardboard duplicate. This simple but ingenious six-pack ring would only take approximately 2 months to decompose; opposed to 450 years for the plastic variant. If a poor animal gets caught in the new rings the cardboard would biodegrade before causing harm upon the animals. With more and more support, all of us can make the world a cleaner place.
Peanut 's name was inspired by the shape of his body, in which is shaped like a peanut
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