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Leadership Activity "Team pen"

No description

Uliana Sharapova

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Leadership Activity "Team pen"

Good Luck Rules-Leader Leadership activity
"Team Pen"
Let's discuss Do you think this was an effective exercise?
What was most frustrating and rewarding about this activity?
What was most challenging parts for you as a Goose? Turkey? Eagle?
Was it easier when only one person was allowed to speak and instruct or better when there was group collaboration?
What forms of communication did you use? What was most/least effective?
How did you all make a decision?
What could you have done to make the communication process better?What did you learn about relationships in this activity?
What did this exercise tell you about leadership? Did it relate? How did it not relate?What is it like to not be able to use all senses in an activity like this?
Do you think it would have been better if 2 people knew the word rather than just the leader?
What was the most frustrating and rewarding part of this activity?
How did this activity relate to the special events planning industry?
What was necessary in order for you to be successful in this activity?
Feedback for us as a group? Were we organized? Were we clear on rules of the game? Who are you as
a team member? Eagle
Turkey The End Have an amazing afternoon Work as a TEAM! ONLY the leader knows the world.

The leader directs the team in writing the word.

•NOT ALLOWED to use the WORD or any LETTERS.
•You are ALLOWED to use directional words (RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, etc.) and team members’ NAMES. Rules
NO ONE is ALLOWED to touch the marker or other members’ tape.

Any breaking of the rules will be penalized!

The first team to have the word written clear/legible wins the round!!!
Team that has the most won rounds – wins the game!!! It's better to travel in groups. bus advert [Web series episode]. (2012). Belgian Bus Company De Lijn. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/
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