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5-speed Gearbox

application of mechanical engineering project

Farah Al-Khateeb

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of 5-speed Gearbox

Working Time 5-Speed Gearbox How gearbox works ?? Gearbox Elements History 1894
French inventors: *Louis-Rene Panhard* *Emile Levassor* Created the first modern manual transmission 1898 GEARS Synchronizers SHAFT BEARINGS WASHERS NUTS SCREWS GEAR FORK REVERSE ENGINEERING ASK IMAGINE PLAN CREATE IMPROVE is the process of understanding an existing product mmmm....... Left View Right View Nissan's GEARBOX Pro-e Drawings Auto-CAD Drawing with dimensions in mm Table of Results Testing the Material of the Gearbox Gearbox Materials Carbon Chromium Steel St = 196 MPa Cast Iron St = 151- 434 MPa Carburized Steel High Carbon Steel Carbon Manganese Steel Brinell Hardness Test specimen Rockwell Test Rockwell Test = 126 Brinell Hardness Number = 748 Bending Stress = 638.84 MPa Contact (Wear) Stress = 2039.7 MPa NOBODY IS PERFECT, BUT A TEAM MIGHT BE .... Abdullah Ghaith
Fadi Ismair
Farah Al-Khateeb
Mohannad Tashli 5-Speed Manual Transmission Special Thanks to Eng. Sana'a Karazon Reasons for RE: 1. Manufacturer
2. Documentation
3. Military or Commercial
4. Academic purposes RE Process
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