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Jazz Fantasia

No description

Savannah Tucker

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Jazz Fantasia

Jazz Fantasia By Carl Sandburg About the Poet He was born in Gallesburg Illinois
He was recognized as a member of the Chicago Literary Renaissance.
His poetry was said to speak in the voice of everyday people. He lived in Chicago, so most of his poetry was based there. About Jazz Fantasia Written in 1922, Jazz Fantasia was published during a Jazz Music outbreak in the United States. Music Alliteration in line 1
- Drum on your drums
- Batter on your banjoes
Line 5-6
- Husha-husha hush
Line 10
- Bang-Bang
Line 12
- Stairway and Scratch
Line 15
- Hoo-hoo-hoo-oo
Line 16
-Soft Stars Repetition in line 3 and 17
"Go to it, o jazzmen." Onomatopoeias
-hoo Meter : Free Verse No Rhyme Scheme Assonance
Line 1,Line 5-6,
line 10,line 15 Tone fanciful (imaginitive)
Inpirational Mood Joyful
Witty Imagery and Figurative Language -Long cool winding saxophones
-racing car
-two people fighting
-steam boat
-slippery sandpaper
-red moon What is this poem symbolizing?
The whole poem is encouraging the reader to take their life by the horns, and go for it. Its saying that if you are luck enough to find something that your passionate about, then you should follow it. Simile:
"Moan like an autumn wind high in the lonesome treetops.
"Cry like a racing car" Personification
-happy tin pans
-lonesome treetops
-green lantern calling
-red moon rides In lines 15-16 there is an allusion to a harvest moon. This gives us a clue as to when this poem was set. (Most likely in October) Journey "Go to it" Form Free Verse
End line
Caesura Clarity Transparent Complexity This poem pretty much lays it all out there for you, there are no white spaces. There isn't much room for interpretation. How I relate to this poem No meta moments Theme Statement
If one is lucky enough to find something they are passionate about, they should follow it. Speaker - unknown
Setting - New Orleans, 1920
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