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No description

Yasser Abdurahman

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of APPLE

Made in California
The History Of APPLE.
APPLE Products.
Saudi Statistics .
What Makes Saudi Arabia a Good Market .
Apple Company Opened in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and
Ronald Wayne, in Cupertino, California.

Ronald Wayne designed the first Apple logo. Ronald Wayne was responsible for writing the official papers of the partnership between the partners but after a period of two weeks he decided to come out of the partnership.
Steve and Wozniak couldn't find the headquarters for their company but they didn’t stop they started from the garage of Steve’s jobs house.
Apple products
Mac in 1984
1-It was the first computer for personal use.
2-The first device loads the windows system and graphical interface.
3- the first mouse device offers an idea of the world.

Revolutionary device that changed the music industry and the way to listen to the music.

The trend of new in the world of tablet devices.
Population :2012 estimate

Capital: Riyadh
Official language:Arabic
Currency : Saudi riyal (SR)

The World Bank classified Saudi as high income and the (GDP) in 2011 525,8 billion but there is rebound in 2012. the GDP become about 682, 9 billion in 2012. 40% of GDP comes from privet sector and (growth) about 6.9 % these indicators give us facts about evaluation on the Saudi economy.
60% of users in Saudi Arabia have smart phones .
In the graph from which we know the age of the user's smartphone Saudi ARABIA
In the following chart we note that young people are the group most have and at least for whom older than 50 .
In the chart note that Saudi Arabia occupies the first Arab in the sales of iPad 2
Thank u For Listening
This work has been made by
Yasser Alattas
Yassen Shaker
Marwan Alsehli
IPod 2001
iPad 2010

The study, carried out by the Foundation
" to a number of emerging markets, to phones, "Samsung" is a favorite in most emerging markets under study, such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil and India, except Nigeria, which controls "Nokia" on the market.

The study added that "mobile" is the most personal electronic devices used by the Saudis by
48%, followed by laptops by 31% and then desktops and tablets Pencpti 11 and 10%.

The study pointed out that the mobile "Samsung" preferred by
42% of Saudi consumers surveyed, while 31% preferred phone "iPhone" from the "Apple", then equal preference ratio phones, "Nokia" and "BlackBerry" by 8%.

It was not the
is the standard for which it preferred Saudis phones, "Samsung" The study shows that the largest proportion of Saudis are buying smartphones with the largest value of U.S. $ 450, as opposed to the rest of the emerging markets under study, which prefer to buy phones that are less or equal to the value of U.S. $ 300
Say question & I'll answere
First product
The cost of APPLE 1 Was $

666.66 and they sold 50

The company was founded to be able to sell Apple 1.Then,The company began selling
products and expanded dramatically.
In1977 they made APPLE 2 which had been an
enormous commercial success .
In 1985 Steve was expelled from Apple because

of disagreements between him and the company.
After he left his

company,he founded his

second company under

the name of NeXT.
Steve returned to his old house, since that time, and successes with increases over time.
In 1996, Apple bought NeXT and hired Steve as a president of
the company.
imac 98
1-The first to integrate the device and the

screen together.

2-The first device is not used for Filobe

disk and uses the CD.

3-The first personal computer wich

had an USB input.
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