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Lasting Cost of Syrian War

No description

Eunice Mao

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Lasting Cost of Syrian War

Lasting Costs of Syrian War
Main Points

A huge number of refugees

The serious current circumstance

Possible solutions

Increasing fugees
<1>More than two million people have fled Syria, mainly to Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt- half of them in the past four months. The number is expected to double by the end of the year.

<2>It is more likely that the threat of military results in exodus.
Current situation
Current situation
<1>In Lebanon, where refugees will make up a quater of the population by the end of the year, aid agencies say health clinics are saturated. Schools and even garbage collection need investment.
Current situation
<2>Mass immigrations often bring disease, while overcrowded camps also foster inflection.
<3>According to Richard Mollica, head of program in refugee trauma at Harvard Medical School, ongoing poverty and humiliation can in a way lead to high level of sexual violence, poverty and despair.
<4>The UN refugee agency UNHCR points out," Public water systems are under severe stress."

<1>A kind of shelters comes in a flat-pack for assembly. More comfortable and portable, it can store containers of most camps.
<2>E-vouchers are taken into use in Turkey, which contributes to easing relations among locals.

1.What is the meaning of "traumatised"? Why does the
artcle use this to define people?
2.Referring to the part "Hunt for Water Beneath the Desert", why is water shortage extreme especially in Jordan?
The world is concerning...
3.It is stated in the part "Fleeing the Violence" that refugees are given money to buy food rather than being fed. What will that do?

4.Look at the graph on P2. Hundreds of thousands of people move out of Syria, which causes trouble to its neighbors. What do you think can be done to get rid of that?
To sum up, the context describes an increasing number of Syrian refugees who constantly suffer from homelessness, displacement, starvation, thirst, diseases, psychological disorder caused by wars, which has significant impact on neighbored countries such as Turkey, Jordan. Though local government even the world are making effort to search for availably optimum ways to
Thanks for listening
cope with this, it still lasts for long.
Personally, it seems too tough to solve either immediately or completely unless the world by and large attaches importance to it. Simultanously, local government should keep struggling in order to bring things back to normal. People in Syria and relevant nations are looking forward to the proceedings. And so are we.
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