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CDI: Certified Deaf Interpreter Certificate

No description

Rachel Jurich

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of CDI: Certified Deaf Interpreter Certificate

Application Process
for the performance exam
Exam Structure
Administered in English or ASL
Maintaining Certification
Eligibility Requirements
Application Process
for the written exam
CDI: Certified Deaf Interpreter Certificate
40 total hours (4.0 CEUs)
of interpreter training.
Maintain RID membership by paying your dues
Should also have specialized training in use of gestures, mime, props, drawings and other tools which help facilitate communication.
The CDI is more than interpreting and fluency in ASL.
The CDI Exam has been available since 1998.
CDIs most often work with hearing interpreters.
Applicant must be deaf or hard or hearing.
Official documentation required from a physician or audiologist.
*New eligibility requirements effective January 1, 2014.
The 16 hours required to sit for the CDI Knowledge Exam have been replaced with 40 hours (4.0 CEUs).
-8 hours on the RID Code of Professional Conduct
-8 hours on Introduction to Interpreting
-8 hours on Process of Interpretation
-16 hours General Interpreting Training
(CEU:Continuing Education Units)
When 40 hours are complete:
Applicants must hold an Associates Degree or higher to be eligible for the written exam.
Documentation is required which indicates the date(s), location(s) and duration of training.
-Applicant then sends a copy of the document to RID Headquarters

-Official academic transcripts, RID CEU Transcript, and Letters of Verification Signed by the person teaching the training sessions.
*Processing of eligibility requirements can take up to two weeks after RID has received
documentation and payment.
-When eligibility requirements are met, applicant will be sent an Authorization to Test (ATT) in their RID account.
-Then applicant must contact Test Administrator (TA) to schedule an exam time.

-Test can occur at an RID test site of applicant's choice.
Must provide ATT to TA at time of scheduling.
CDI Written or ASL
CDI Written or ASL Retake
Member Fee
Non-Member Fee
Can pay by money order, check, visa or mastercard.
Questions about exam billing can be directed to the Certification and Department at certification@rid.org or
call 703-838-0030
-The Knowledge requirement is met when applicant has passed the CDI Written Exam (within the last 5 years)
Must meet Knowledge and Educational Requirements
Applicant does not hold an Associate's Degree but has completed the Educational Equivalency Application.
-The Educational Requirement is met when one of the following is true:
Applicant holds an Associate's Degree (or higher) in anything and have submitted college transcript to RID.
Educational Equivalency Application
2 types:
Educational Equivalency Application-
Bachelor's Degree
Educational Equivalency Application-
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
For hearing individuals who do not hold a bachelor's degree or higher who wish to take the RID examination
Educational interpreters who do not hold a Bachelor's degree or higher who wish to apply to K-12 Certification.
Associate's Degree
For Deaf individuals who do not hold an Associate's Degree or higher who wish to obtain CDI Certification or SC:L
As of July 1, 2012:
What's the Educational Equivalency Application?
CDI Performance Exam
CDI Performance Exam Retake
Member Fees
Non-Member Fees
Can pay by check, money order, Visa or Mastercard
3 Hour Time Limit
Paper Exam Booklet
100 Multiple Choice Questions
Answers recorded on Scantron Sheet
1) Professional Roles and Responsibilities
2) Preparation for Service Delivery
3) Provision of Service
4) Post-Service Closure
Exam covers 4 Domains:
Day of Exam
Step 1)
Wear Appropriate Clothing
Step 2
) Arrive to Exam Early
Step 3)
Bring Entire ATT Letter
Step 4)
Present Acceptable Identification
Step 5)
Check in for Exam
Step 6)
Take Exam
Exam Structure
4 Components
Text to ASL: Interpret written text to Deaf consumer provided in warm-up and testing room
Consecutive Interpreting: Candidates work with hearing interpreter and as a team provide ASL interpretation to a Deaf consumer.
Simultaneous Interpreting: Candidates provide simultaneous interpretation to a deaf consumer who is Deaf-Blind or Deaf-close-vision
Mirror Interpreting: Candidates provide mirror interpreting from comments after a forum from audience members.
Day of Exam
Step 1)
Wear Appropriate Clothing
Step 2
) Arrive to Exam Early
Step 3)
Bring Entire ATT Letter
Step 4)
Present Acceptable Personal Identification
Step 5)
Check in for Exam
Step 6)
Take the Exam:

Warm-up Room
Testing Room
Each question is worth 1 point.
72/100 is passing.
Meet Certification Maintenance Program's CEU requirements
Follow the NAD-RID Professional Code of Conduct
Study Resources

Certified Deaf Interpreter: Knowledge Exam Application

Certified Deaf Interpreter: Performance Exam Application

CDI Candidate Handbook

Need 8.0 Total CEU Hours with at least 6.0 in Professional Studies
2.0 CEUs in General Studies
(SC:L only 2.0 of 6.0 can be in Legal Interpreting topics.
SC:PA: only 2.0 of 6.0 can be in Performing Arts)
RID approved CMP Sponsors submit continuing education hours to RID headquarters to be added to applicants CEU Transcript.
Can take up to 60 days to process
Fail to meet CMP requirements
Certification Can be Revoked if:
Pleading guilty, no lo contendre or being found guilty of financial offenses, physically violent offenses or offenses involving misrepresentation or fraud.
Misusing ID Credential
Violating NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct
Cheating on the exam
Take exam for someone else
Talk about exam content
Test Preparation Materials

- NIC Practice DVD (2nd Edition)
- CDI Sample Written Test Package
Sample Generalist Written Test

CDI Rating Scale

Use of A Certified Deaf Interpreter
Resources Continued
Conditional Legal Interpreting Permit-Relay
Designed for interpreters and transliterators that work in legal settings
Who are deaf or hard of hearing
RSC or CDI is required to take and pass new legal certification
Available since 1991
After a legal test for deaf interpreters is available, CLIP-R holders must take and pass the legal certification examination in order to maintain certification in the specialized area of interpreting in legal settings.
Must be RID certified member with a CDI or RSC
Attach to Application:
Letters of reccommendation from RID certified interpreters
One must be from an SC:L interpreter and the other can come from a CI, CT, CSC or CDI interpreter.
Verification of 150 hours training and/or mentoring a legal interpreter
Certification or letter from trainer which indicates duration, date and location
Send the application, fees, and supporting documentation to RID
• CLIP-R Application

CLIP-R Resources
As a member it would cost a total of $485 for both the Knowledge and Performance Exam.
As a non-member it would cost $620.
written and performance
Requires annual renewal
RID Website
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