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From the Earth to the Moon and a trip around it Presentation

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Justin Hollison

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of From the Earth to the Moon and a trip around it Presentation

Digital Book review

From the Earth to the
Moon and a trip around it
Written by Jules Verne Summary Theme Point of View Setting The book is in 3rd person. Jules Verne most likely choose it to show more detail in the story and not narrow it down to just one characters thoughts and opinions. The story takes place at Baltimore, Maryland in 19nth century America. The the main characters are Barbicane,Nicholl, and Michel. In America it is overall very peaceful. Most of the big wars are over and it is relatively peaceful. It is the age where gunpowder, artillery is focused on a lot. With this peacefulness and technology the president of the gun club proposed an experiment that uses gunpowder to reach the moon. They want expand their knowledge of it and want to conquer the lands. He tells his idea of building a massive cannon that will launch a projectile up to the moon. Characters Plot Conflict
External Critique The message of the story is that any goal made, can be achieved through hard work, commitment, and patience. I think that because in the book they kept on focusing on how to get themselves to the moon. It required much time to build the cannon with hard labor, and much thinking about the calculations to reach the moon. If this was in 1st person the reader may have less knowledge of what is happening throughout the story, and know more about the characters thoughts
and feelings about there situation. There would be less describing throughout the story since in it's just a one man point of view. The time of the setting affects the plot by the technology they used to reach the moon. They used gunpowder and built a large cannon to reach it. If it took place later in time like today it would be much different. Gun powder and the cannon really wouldn't be involved too much if it were today. Barbicane, is a bold,courageous, and intelligent man. I think he is bold and courageous because he challenged Nicholl to a duel for humiliating him in a public speech. Intelligent because of how scientific he was while in the projectile when observing the moon and space. Giving ideas on how it worked. Nicholl is a kind of person who isn't afraid to question another persons thoughts like when he questioned Barbicane in his speech. He is sometimes a stubborn man and has mutual hatred and friendship towards Barbicane. This is showed in time spent in the projectile. He is also competitive towards Barbicane because they made bets saying eachothers hypothesis was false about what was going to happen. Michel, I would have to say is mostly brave and head up high confident person. Michel volunteered to be the one who would travel up in space. He didn't hesitate to give a second thought. He accepted the idea of never returning to Earth. In 19Th century America, it is overall very
peaceful. Barbicane the president of the gun club gave a speech to members of the gun club and others. He proposes his idea of reaching the moon by the use of gunpowder and launching a projectile to it by building a giant cannon. They went over if it was possible to reach the moon by using this strategy. It was quickly approved and they proceeded to start construction. A while later a person named Michel volunteers to be the passenger of the projectile being launched when complete. When it finally came to the launching day Barbicane and Nicholl decided to join Michel when he was about to leave. They entered the projectile being launched up in the air and into space witch had succeeded in launching them. They waited until they reached the moon.

But during the wait they meet a giant asteroid that passes by them. It had altered there course to the moon. Leaving them orbiting around instead of landing on it. The three spend time studying the features of the moon and it facts. After days of be suspended in the orbit they decide to take action and leave that orbit. In there projectile contained rockets that was made for altering there course, they used it hoping to reach the moon. It altered there course but not to the moon but back to Earth. After weeks up in space they were recovered by their friend J.T Maston finding them in the Alantic Ocean Likes Dislikes I liked how Jules Verne used a wide range of Volcabulary to describe the feeling and scenery. I also liked how Jules made Baricane and Nichol friends yet enemies in their projectile. It makes it more interesting having two frenemies stuck together and being competitive on who's right and who's wrong. One of my dislikes is that it can be a little boring sometimes. Later in the book it mostly starts to become more scientific and describing. With that you tend to space off a little since there isn't really much going on throughout the story it's mostly describing. Recommend I would recommend this book to people who seek a challenge when reading, and people who love scientific stories. It can be occasionaly be boring in my opinion, but it still a fun piece to read. One of the main external conflict in the book is the three travelers stuck in orbit of the moon instead of landing on it. Barbicane, Nicholl, and Michel solve this problem by using a rocket to alter there course to the moon, but it made them fall back to Earth. Change During the time spent around orbiting they get to know one another better. Barbicane, and Nicholl begin to be friendly towards each other. The three also have new knowledge about the moon and space. Conflict
Internal The three have to emotionally deal with the possibility of never returning to Earth and end up dying in there projectile or on the moon. They start be filled with boredom by being isolated in it. Only keeping each other company and studying the moon and space to pass time. Change Later on they return to Earth using a rocket they had with them. It was intentionally made to get to the moon, but it made them fall back to Earth since they did something wrong. The three after this journey are more bolder as a result. When they return to Earth, they are a lot more renowned than what they used to be. They are treated with high respects. Images of Setting Barbicane,Nichol and Michel entering the projectile The cannon was constructed in Florida.
The projectile landed in the Atlantic ocean by Florida when falling back If they built the cannon in some other part of the world instead of Florida, they may of not have reached the moon. They may be shot out in empty space for eternity never reaching the moon or they could fall back to Earth. Modern day Baltimore Maryland A look in side there projectile. The construction of the projectile Launching day Barbicane giving his speech
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