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Industrial Revolution

No description

Chad Norsworthy

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution

Great Britain
The Industrial Revolution first began in Great Britain.
It started here because they had the Agricultural Revolution going for them.
They had a good supply of important mineral resources like coal and iron ore.
Also had ready supply of capital for investment.
Britain already had markets where they could sell goods.
The cotton factory invented the first modern factory.
Used the flying shuttle so weavers could double their output.
This created a shortage for yarn, but thankfully James Hargreaves invented the spinning Jenny.
Iron Industry
Large resources of Iron ore.
New ways of smelting iron began to produce cast iron using something called courke that was made by burning coal.
Finally in the 1780's, they began producing high quality shit called wrought iron.
The Factory
Something we all know and see is industrial factory's.
This is where all the machines are placed to produce the goods.
The owners couldn't afford for machines to be stopped so people were working constantly and had to work in rotating shifts.
Good Timing
Their exports had dramatically increased in the last year.
Could easily export to anywhere in the world thanks to their marine.
Industrial Revolution
Chad Norsworthy
cotton factory
iron factory
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