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Anasazi indian tribe

No description

Katheryn Lopez

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Anasazi indian tribe

Human Environment Interaction
Anasazi Indian Tribe
By: Katheryn Lopez, Aditi Kalla, Benny Lucero
It is not known what language the Anasazi spoke.
Many historians believe that the anasazi spoke over twenty different languages
In Navajo, Anasazi meant the ememy ancestors.
The father was the leader of the family.
The anasazi were well known for their pottery and their intricate designs that covered them
The anasazi live in corners of the four states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.
A Myth
There once was a boy that was born with no head so the mother decided to leave him to die, she left him in the woods and a woman found him and gave him to a monster eagle and the eagle raised him and he grew into a spiked beast that kicks people off cliffs.
The Anasazi were a little nomadic.
Eventually, the Anasazi left their homes for some unknown reason.
It still remains a mystery today, but some guess that they left due to a drought or changing seasons.
The Anasazi lived in the Four Corners area, so where the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet.
They lived in the Colorado Plateau Region.
They made homes on cliff sides and mesas, and that is one of the thing that made them so famous.
Creation Myth
During droughts, hunting and gathering were the main focus. If the droughts lasted for a long time, the Anasazi moved to more moist areas.
They defined themselves by the land, by the sacred places that bounded and shaped their world.
The Anasazi put all their efforts into survial because of the tough terrain.
They believe that this is the fourth world in existence. There was a lake called the lake of changing waters and there was a reed growing out of the lake so decided to climb the reed in seek of a better land when they found Earth.
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