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No description

Bradley Richter

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Venezuela

They have very exotic food.
Venezuelans are known to be creative with their foods.
To the right are bacon-wrapped bananas
and cookie cups!
To the left is a fruit soup.
By: Ellie Hyden & Brad Richter

This is the capital city.
Hang gliding.
Caracas is near Angel Falls.
Here it's tropical and warm.
Angel Falls
Welcome to Angel Falls!
Come relax by this beautiful
You will love it so much, you
will want to come back the next day!
There's also sightseeing and take tours
to places you have never seen before!
Venezuela's Favorite Sport
Venezuela's favorite
sport is soccer!
If you're a soccer fan, come to Venezuela and watch the coolest teams ever!
ce Day
Venezuela's independence
day is on the
fifth of July!
This waterfall is in the movie "Up"!
Venezuelans have parades
and parties to celebrate.
Come visit Angel Falls today!!
What to do??
Parque Nacional Cueva del Guácharo
Inside the cave, it is usually 19°C (66.2°F) and the humidity is 100%.
The cave itself is 6.3 miles long.
The name translates to Oilbird Cave National Park.
In the previous slide were the images of an oilbird, the cave entrance, a tunnel, and stalactites.
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