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The Story Of Count Dracula

Charlotte O'Donovan

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Dracula

DRACULA My name is Jonathan Harker. I am a Lawyer and I live in London.
In 1875 I received a letter from Transylvania from a man called Count Dracula. He wanted me to help him find a house in London. I found him a large house to the east of London. There were lots of papers and the Count asked me to bring them to Transylvania for him to sign. My fiance Mina encouraged me to go. She gave me a book about Transylvania to read on the train. I took the train to Transylvania 1875 ENGLAND On May 4th I arrived in a small town near the mountains where Castle Dracula was. I stopped to eat at an Inn in the town. I asked the innkeeper about the Count. People started whispering. I could not understand them so I looked up the words in the book Mina had given me. The word they kept saying was 'Vampire'. My book said people in Transylvania were afraid of Vampires. The inn keeper told me not to go to Castle Dracula. I told him I had to go. He gave me a gold chain with a cross on it.
"Take this and may God help you." The coach took me through the mountains, climbing higher and higher. As the sun went down I heard wolves howling. Black clouds covered the moon. The carriage went faster and faster. There were no lights, I couldn't see anything. As the wolves howled the driver laughed. I closed my eyes in fear. There were no lights in any of the windows, in front of me there was a great wooden door.
I heard the door being unlocked. It opened slowly. I saw a very tall man. 'Welcome to my home.' He took my arm as I stepped inside. His hand was as cold as ice. He locked the door behind me and put the key in his pocket. The Count took me though many corridors and winding staircases. The castle was large with many rooms but all the doors were locked. He took me to my room, it was big with no windows. We sat by the fire and talked. I became tired. There was a terrible smell in the room. The fire made the Count's eyes look red. He smiled and I noticed he had sharp teeth. In the morning I could not find the Count, he had left me a note. I sat in the library and read many books. There was no mirror in my room so I unpacked my shaving mirror and began to shave. The Count signed the papers and I was ready to leave but he would not let me. Every evening I asked to leave but he just smiled and did not answer. One day I found a door unlocked. I went in and saw a couch. I felt tired so I lay down. When I woke up three women were leaning over me. Dracula came in and scared them away. The Count made me write letters to Mina. He told me to write that I was on my way home. I knew then that he was going to kill me. I followed Dracula to his room. I heard a window open. I looked outside and saw Dracula moving down the wall head first. His black cloak looked like the wings of a huge bird. I followed him to a room with a chapel. The chapel was full of wooden boxes, their lids were not on. Each box was full of earth.
I lifted the lid of one of the boxes and and saw Count Dracula.
I heard noises so I ran out. I heard men taking the boxes away. Count Dracula was on his way to England. The Count spoke from behind me. I jumped and cut myself. The Count saw the blood and his eyes shone like fire. His hands touched the cross around my neck and he said, 'It is dangerous to cut yourself in Castle Dracula.'
He threw my mirror out of the window. In England Mina was worried. The letters from Jonathan were short and strange.
Her friend Lucy invited her to stay in Hythe, by the sea. The servants said there was a shipwreck on the shore. The ship had come from Russia but there was no one on it. The ship was full of boxes, and a huge dog was seen running away from it. One of the boxes was open, all that was in it was earth. The other boxes were taken to London. Mina heard a noise in the night. When she checked her friend Lucy was not in bed. Mina searched for Lucy and found her in the churchyard. Mina thought she saw red eyes behind Lucy, but as she got closer there was no one there. She took Lucy back to the house and saw two red marks on her neck. Lucy started to get ill, she was pale and thin. Every night Lucy left her bed. Mina had to lock the door at night. One night she found she saw Lucy leaning out of the window. A huge black bird was sitting by her. There were still two red marks on her neck. One day Mina received a letter from a hospital in Budapest. Jonathan was alive. She left Lucy and went to see Jonathan. Mina found Jonathan, he was so happy to see her they got married straight away. They decided to go back to London. When we arrived in London I saw Dracula in the distance. I got upset but could not tell Mina why. We received a letter from Lucy's husband to say she had died. We invited Arthur to stay with us. We asked how Lucy had died. Arthur said she had been having strange dreams. Arthur invited his friend Van Helsing to examine Lucy. Van Helsing said she needed a blood transfusion. Van Helsing bought her garlic plants. Lucy was found one night with the garlic flowers pulled away from her neck. The marks had gone from her neck. When she woke she was ugly and angry. I listened carefully, I knew that Lucy was now a Vampire. Arthur West returned to Hythe. We did not tell him of our fears. One day we read a newspaper story about children disappearing in Hythe. Mina realised it was Lucy that had been taking them. We wrote a letter to Van Helsing asking him to come and help. He came to London and I told him all about Dracula and his castle. Van Helsing had studied Vampires and explained that Vampires stay alive after they are buried. Their victims become Vampires when they have lost all their blood. Van Helsing explained that they had to hammer a piece of wood through Lucy's heart and then cut her head off. When they told Arthur he was angry but agreed this had to be done. We went to the churchyard late at night and found the coffin. When we opened it it was empty. Lucy had gone looking for blood. We waited in the churchyard and saw a figure in white. It was Lucy, her eyes were red and her teeth were sharp. Lucy ran towards Arthur. Van Helsing held a cross in front of her and she ran away. We followed her into the vault and hammered a wooden stake into her heart. Her ugly face returned to normal and Arthur kissed her goodbye. We decided to find Dracula and kill him. I couldn't remember where the house was and the papers were all missing. Van Helsing said if he hypnotised me I might remember. When I was hypnotised I remembered where the house was. We set off to hunt for Dracula. It was night by the time we found his house. Dracula would be out hunting. We climbed in through a broken window. The house was full of rats and smelt the same as Castle Dracula, like blood. We placed holy bread in the boxes but Dracula came back before they could finish. We rushed home but Dracula beat us to it. We found Dracula leaning over Mina. He had already drunk her blood, now he was making her drink his. Then Dracula disappeared. Mina was under Dracula's power. Van Helsing hypnotised her and she could hear water, she said Dracula was sailing back to Transylvania. I thought we had won but Van Helsing explained that if Mina dies before Dracula is destroyed she will become a vampire too. We went to Transylvania by land to get there before Dracula arrived by sea.
The three beautiful vampires from the castle tried to call Mina away but she was protected in a circle of holy bread. We heard the carriage coming and knew that Dracula was on his way. We jumped on the carriage and broke open the box and drove the stake through his heart. The vampire turned to a heap of dust. Van Helsing went to the castle and found the tombs. He destroyed the three women with a stake through the heart but Dracula's tomb was empty.
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