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BDAE-3 Assessment Adult Language

No description

Leah Grigas

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of BDAE-3 Assessment Adult Language

3rd Edition- Short Form "A short form contains select items from 21 select subtests of the standard form" (Brookshire, 2007, pg.219) Subdivided into 5 subtests:
Conversation & Expository Speech
Auditory Comprehension
Oral Expression
Writing Word comprehension:
Basic word discrimination-(demonstration)

"Point to the [ceiling] then to the [floor]"
"Tap [each] [shoulder] [twice] with [two fingers]"

Complex Ideational Material:
1a. "Will a cork sink in water?"
2a. "Can you use a hammer to pound nails?"
1b. "Will a stone sink in water?"
2b. "Is a hammer good for cutting wood?"

Oral Expression Reading Writing Severity & Speech Output Characteristics Profile
Aphasia Severity Rating Scale
Rating Scale Profile of Speech Characteristics SCORING Who can it be used on? By: Sinead Campbell
& Leah Grigas Written By: Harold Goodglass with Edith Kaplan and Barbara Barresi How much does it cost? How long does it take to administer? What infomation does this test give us? ? Conversation & Expository Speech

Simple social responses:
" How are you today?"
"Have you ever been here before?"
"What is your name?"

Free conversation:
"What kind of work were you doing before you became ill?"
-Avoid questions that elicit "yes" or "no" responses

Picture Description:
Present the 'Cookie Theft' picture on card 1 and say "Tell me everything you see going on in this picture"

(Record the pt's responses verbatim) Auditory Comprehension Automatized Sequences:
Days of the week
Counting to 21

Rep. of Single words
Rep. of Sentences

Responsive naming
Boston Naming Test (Short From) Basic symbol recognition:
Matching against cases and scripts
___G h Q g s ___pot Gat TOP pot dot

Number Matching
a.Fingers to Arabic numbers
b. Arabic numbers matched to dot pattern

Word Identification- Picture -Word Matching:
Picture: Choice of words:
Clock block, time, watch, clock

Oral Reading:
-Basic oral word reading
-Oral reading of sentences with comprehension

Reading Comprehension:
-Sentences and Paragraphs

Mechanics of Writing:(demonstration)

Basic Encoding Skills- Dictated Words:
Primer word vocabulary
Regular phonics
Common irregular forms

Written Picture Naming:
Present Stimuli "You know what this is. How do you write it? Write it here."

Narrative Writing:
Present 'Cookie Theft' picture "Write as much as you can about what you see going on in this picture."

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