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Google hunt!

A fun online scavenger hunt!

Mia rodger

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Google hunt!

Clue 5
use only the internet/google search
have fun
think logically
post your answer in the comment area below
clue 2
clue 3
start with a famous newspaper in NY
The End...
... is near, you should have your question if you answered the clues correctly. All that's left is to figure out the answer, you get no clues........

Google hunt!
Clue 1
3p, 8w
clue 4
gr qdu rgdbu
Post your answer in the comment section below the presentation.
find on the weblink below
Then take off the notebook and 1st word.
chat area
a- i'll be lime green you can choose another color. i made some changes tell me what you think 2/19/14 p.s. always include the date!
Take the 5s and change them to a 1
Change the 18s to 10s
Remove the 20s
Take out any J.
Add a 25 to the end
a- hello! bea! use the chat box!!!!!!! Could you figure out the clue I added? 2/20/14
b- Hi no I didn't get good thing you showed me! Every friday we can work alittle bit more on it until we are done! Feb 21 5:18pm
Thank you!!!! post any questines and your answer, below!!!
A- Hi! Quite a few spelling erors and grammer erors. I can't spell eror. 2/21/14, 7:12pm.
A- Aren't we done? what more do we need. i added more pics by the way. 2/21/14, 7:20pm.
isn't it cute!!!!! -anna
Don't mind the pictures. they are just for looks.
Of Course its cute!
b- I can see that! they are adorable but when do you find time to do this!
A- in the morning on the weekends. glad you like the pictures. i do think we are done right? 2/26/14
a-You really don't have time do you? i understand last year i was overly crowded that's why this year i cut down on activities. 2/28/14 see you tomorrow and Sunday.
it's soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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