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The Cell Pizza Parlor

No description

Nicole Morot

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The Cell Pizza Parlor

Cell Analogy Project
The Cell Pizza Parlor
Animal Cell
golgi complex
is like a food runner
Lysosomes can be compared to trash cans because they both manage unwanted waste that a cell or pizza parlor does not need. Both are usually present throughout the entire cell or pizza parlor.
is like the pizza parlor's wall
The Golgi apparatus is similar to a food runner (or server) because the Golgi apparatus job is to sort and package proteins. A food runner's job in a pizza parlor might be to sort pizzas and put them in boxes before being delivered to the correct table or residence.
Nicole Morote
2nd period

are like a trash can
Cell Membrane
Cell membranes are like pizza parlor walls because both provide some structure, as well as support. Also, transport proteins work similarly to doors: they let molecules (or people) in and out.
are like an oven
A mitochondrion is like an oven because they both receive food, induce chemical reactions, and produce something different (either energy from food, or pizza from dough).
endoplasmic recticulum
is like the kitchen
The ER is like a pizzeria's kitchen because they both produce things: pizzas in the kitchen and proteins and fats in the ER. Both are vital to their corresponding structure because of this production.
is like a business plan
A cell's DNA is similar to a fast-food restaurant's business plan because both state all the processes that need to be carried out, in addition to the characteristics of the cell or pizzeria.
is like a chef
Ribosomes are similar to pizza chefs because ribosomes link amino acids to form proteins. Similarly, a pizza chef will assemble the pizza crust, sauce, and toppings to form a finished pizza.
is like columns
The cytoskeleton can be compared to a building's columns because both provide a form of internal support for their structure, keeping everything together.
is like a storeroom
Storerooms and vacuoles are similar because they both store needed materials for a pizzeria and a vacuole.
is like the owner's office
the nucleolus is like the owner's office because it contains the DNA (business plans) that are required to run a cell (pizzeria).
is like the manager's office
The nucleolus is like the manager's office because both are in charge of workers (ribosomes), who in turn prepare food (proteins).
is like a pizza
Pizzas are like cells because the main purpose of a pizza parlor (or a cell) is to make proteins (or pizzas).
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