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Ricky Gervais wants a real Italian Pizza with quality ingred

No description

Claire Samulak

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Ricky Gervais wants a real Italian Pizza with quality ingred

Ricky Gervais' doctor told him to cut back to eating just two slices of pizza... So we only cut it once!
Double Zero pizza will...
Not only fill an empty stomach, but also provide customers with a high quality and fun Italian-Canadian dining experience. By dressing up the product when it is served we will achieve this!
Selling Pizza to celeb. Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais wants Pizza with quality ingredients,especially cheese. His price sensitivity is low and his taste buds are tingling. Double Zero pizza has what he's looking for.
Perceptual Positioning
Average price of pizza: $11.15
Double Zero pizza price entered the market at $14,we suggest a %25 mark-up to $17.50
Print Advertising
Double Zero would make a print advertisement in the Chinook Mall guide and flyer. The ad. would include a picture of a cooked Double Zero pizza with an italian flag coming out from the middle, with a smiling face depicted on the flag.
"Enjoy a balance of the finest, true Italian pizza ingredients and locally grown ingredients served with a smile on a silver platter at Double Zero"
Out-of-home advertising
Concentrated in the downtown core, poster advertisements on the side of buildings and transit shelters, we will combine a poster ad (little copy accompanied with images from inside restaurant) with a digital ad (QR code)
"Experience the flavour of Double Zero pizza for yourself. Book reservations and see our menu online" (QR Code)
Speaking of digital advertising...
Gervais is an active twitter user. This is how Double Zero will initially reach him with their advertising campaign.
"@RickyGervais Double Zero serves the finest Italian cheese pizza you'll find in Calgary. We promise it won't be long. It will be round! #YYCfoodies www.doublezeropizza.ca"
"@RickyGervais So you don't eat anything that poops? It will be the farthest from your mind as you enjoy a cheesy pizza made with the finest Italian flour. #doppio #yyc"
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