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Copy of Anatomy and Physiology assignments and assessments

No description

Hannah Brown

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Anatomy and Physiology assignments and assessments

Anatomy and Physiology assignments and assessments
Assignment 1
For a pass:
On a poster presentation, describe the organs and their functions of the reproductive systems via labelled diagrams, for both male and female animals, of two species that have different reproductive processes.

If the structure has the same function in both animals this should be stated (to avoid repetition).

State the role of each of the hormones listed in the unit content. This does not have to be species- specific and a simple table will do.
For a distinction:
In your poster presentation, discuss animals with different oestrus cycles, for example the horse and the dog.

The use of a graph showing hormone levels throughout the cycle is expected, along with a description of their role in the reproductive process and the effect they may have on the behaviour of the animal.
For a merit:
On your poster presentation describe the stages of sexual reproduction in two different animals, for example the horse and the dog. The stages covered must include:
For a merit:
In your project, explain the role of organs within their systems through illustrating and linking the enzymatic and hormonal secretions from the pancreas and bile from the liver; with the locations of these organs and the importance of these in digestion.
For a pass:
In a short film, using two animals from contrasting environments clearly state the adaptation and how it is of benefit to the animal.
For a pass:
On a revision guide, examine one hormonal control mechanism in detail, ensuring that you demonstrate knowledge of why the animal requires control mechanisms to be in place.
Assignment 2
For a merit:
On your revision guide, describe thermoregulation (and all relevant thermoregulatory mechanisms for each animal) in one ectotherm and one endotherm and explain these terms along with the relevant habitats of the selected animals in order to set the scene.
For a distinction:
On your revision guide. describe the sympathetic and para sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system and how they work together during stressful situations and at rest.

The typical fight-or-flight situation should be described to set the scene, for one mammalian species.
Assignment 3
For a pass:
In a project, identify and link the major body systems and label each organ in animals.

Describe the structure of each major organ; using one animal as the basis for identification.

Illustrate and give the functions of each major organ for one animal
For a distinction:
In your illustrated project, on one mammalian species, you need to discuss the requirements of the animal to respire both aerobically and anerobically.

Ensure the structure and function of both systems will be described fully.
Assignment 4
For a merit:
Using the same animals in your film, refer to the evolution of the pentadactyl limb
For a distinction:
Using your two animals, (for example the horse and the mountain goat) compare permanent and temporary respiratory adaptations that occur at different altitudes, including differing red blood cell counts, blood pressure and lung capacity.
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