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Technologies Resulting from the Cold War

No description

Samantha Leone

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Technologies Resulting from the Cold War

"Leftovers" from the
Cold War

Samantha Leone
The Computer
Earliest computers very large and very expensive
Required teams of engineers to work them properly
Today many have their own PC
Computers have since evolved to be touch-screen
The Internet
There's no real one inventor
Originally invented as a government weapon during the Cold War
Wasn't intended to be used by the general public
Has since evolved and is available in the average American home


Satellites and GPS
First satellite was Sputnik 1, launched by the Soviet Union October 4th, 1957
4 months later, the United States launched Explorer 1
Launched the Space Race

GPS, or Global Positioning System was used to look at the Earth from space
A Swiss invention, however is associated with space travel and NASA
Used to secure equipment to astronauts and secure it when in space due to zero gravity
Now used in general society, such as on shoes, bags, and even velcro hair rollers
The Berlin Wall
Symbol of the Cold War
Stood for 30 years, separating family and friends
Heavily guarded and built strong
People escaped by driving cars and trunks into the wall to break it, jumping out of buildings, and digging tunnels underneath
Began to be torn down November 9th, 1989
Reunification of East and West Germany official on October 3rd, 1990
Smoke Detectors
Not invented by NASA
NASA invented one especially for use in space
detects early pre-fire signs, so it can be stopped before it starts
in houses, when smoke is detected by a sensor inside, it beeps loudly to alert homeowners of a fire
Rockets and Moon Landings
First moon landing was on July 16, 1969
Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins were on the Apollo 11, the first mission to the moon, and first men to walk on the moon
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
Sometimes called the end of the space race
Drink Mix
When in space, astronauts can't bring normal drinks because of the pressure difference and lack of gravity.
Normally they brought powdered drink mixes, like Tang or Kool-Aid
Today, anyone can buy powdered drink mix, add water and sugar and you've got a drink
James Bond
Bert the Turtle
North American Aerospace Defense Command
Created for military use at first, in case we were invaded
During war, tanks and troops could be transported/moved
Airplanes could also land on them
One of the more famous commercials of the Cold War era.
Point of it is to educate people on what to do in case of an atomic bomb.
Today we see similar types of protocol/advertisments such as posters in schools about what to do in event of a lock down, fire, tornado, etc.
Originally books by Ian Fleming
Based on multiple spies the author had met
Member of the British Secret service
Today there's a whole James Bond franchise, movies, old tv shows, books, video games, clothes, pretty much anything you could think of.
US and Canada bi-national organization
Watches for aerospace warning and threats
Has a 'Santa Tracker' on their website
Located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs
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