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SBP23 - Final Presentation

Presentation of Project 48 Hours

Cristina School Account

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of SBP23 - Final Presentation

Agenda Mission
Limitations Methodology
Secondary Research Conclusions
Qualitative Data Analysis
Segmentation and Positioning
The Marketing Mix
Conclusions TERMS OF REFERENCE LIMITATIONS METHODOLOGY Mission Objectives Deliverables "To develop key components of a marketing strategy for the concept 48Hours conducted in Switzerland" Evaluate the potential of the project through a market study Gain a keen understanding of potential customer needs and behaviour Define the basis of the marketing mix of the project 1. Macro Environmental Analysis 2. Supply Analysis 3. Demand Analysis 4. Positioning Strategy 5. Marketing Mix Inability to find solid forecasting data (2010)
Bias with the focus groups (students interviewed at EHL are from wealthy background)
Only two interviews were conducted to ascertain the B2B demand for this product.
Data for income per age group was unavailable
Lack of budget because P48H has yet to compile the experiences and to establish pricing per activity. *where possible the report
has included a cost but providing financial data was outside the realms of this project as agreed with the client. Terms of Reference Secondary Research Primary Research Data Analysis Conclusions Defining the research mission Books, internet, databases, magazines and journals.
Understanding the market
Identifying key market segments Interviews
Focus Groups
Refining the concept
Understanding the needs of the potential customer Interpreting results to establish positioning strategy and marketing mix Providing client with alternatives
Limitations KEY POINTS of P48H Based on the 2nd meeting with the client, the following key points about P48H were established: Online personalised travel service
Insider's perspective on three European cities
"Experience travel"
Element of surprise for the customer
Activity box/gift
Personalised trip request form Macro Environment Analysis Hotels and airlines seeking to increase value added - looking to collaborate with tour/activity services
Increasing number of people aged 35+ are joining social networks like Facebook & Twitter
Huge potential of using social networks for business purposes
Next step: Convergence of Social networks, Mobile applications, LBS and search coverage Supply Analysis Travel experiences for leisure and corporate travel
Sharing information
Detailed customer profiling
Possibility of packaging experiences
Importance of mobile applications
Potential of surprise element Demand Analysis Swiss Outbound Travel Facts & Figures (2003-2008) Most frequented Destinations by Swiss tourists:
Preference Holidays:
Target Segments (biggest to smallest):

Reasons for travel:
Growth of Business and MICE travel:
Outbound expenditure (highest to lowest):
Outbound expenditure per trip (highest to lowest):
Top European Cities: -France, Italy and Germany
-City breaks and beach holidays
-Families, couples (mature over 50 and adults with no children), and friends travelling in groups
-Leisure (85%) and Business (15%)
-40% and 38%
-Italy (1.83 bilion CHF), France (1.82 bilion CHF) and Spain (1.58 bilion CHF)
-Spain (963 CHF), Italy (893 CHF) and France (845 CHF)
-Paris, Rome and Barcelona Forecasted Swiss Outbound Travel Facts & Figures (2008-2013) Most frequented destinations
Reasons for travel
Outbound expenditrue (highest to lowest)

Outbound expenditure per trip (highest to lowest)
-France, Italy and Spain
-Leisure 82% and Business 18%
-France (2.13 bilion CHF), Italy (2.07 bilion CHF) and Spain (1.54 bilion CHF)
-Spain (1007 CHF), Italy (932 CHF) and France (663 CHF) Qualitative Data Analysis Focus Group 1 FOCUS GROUPS YOUNG LEISURE TRAVELLERS - 7 BOS Students from EHL
- 20-30 years old
- All Swiss residents
- Low purchasing power/high sensitivity
- Avid internet users
- Have more time to travel
- Travel more short distances
- 8 master students from EHL
- 29-48 years old
- All Swiss residents
- Low purchasing power/high price sensitivity
- Avid internet users
- Have more time to travel
- Travel more short distances Focus Group 3 FREQUENT BUSINESS & LEISURE TRAVELLERS - 7 employees of the World Economic Forum
- All Swiss residents
- Avid internet users
- Avid users of smartphones
- Higher incomes
- Less time to travel Focus Group 4 MATURE TRAVELLERS - 49-65 years old
- All Swiss residents
- All well travelled: one international vacation and several driving-distance trips a year
- Less time
- Highest income
- Internet & smartphone usage is dependant upon the type of job they have
- Generally less avid internet users
Interviews - Would not use P48H services - Only work with such a company if P48H organised flights & hotels Recommendations - Should not target B2B Market yet
- Reconsideration of market once product has been launched
- Should not include hotels and flights as part of service provided
- Focus on the B2C travel market Segmentation Swiss Couples & Friends Frequent Travellers Looking for Unique Experiences Confident Internet Users Members of the Working Population Modern, Flexible, Open-minded, In pursuit of new experiences Positioning INTEHL SBP 23 PROJECT 48 HOURS Differentiation through three competitive advantages:
1. Provide unique experiences that give travellers an insider's perspective of a city (PRODUCT)
2. Services will have a balance between surprise and information (PRODUCT)
3. Services will be sold through an interactive & dynamic website with an online community and a mobile application as an auxiliary tool (SERVICE) Type of Experiences Vs. Degree of Personalization Degree of Surprise Vs. Website Affinity Recommendations 1. Expansion within Europe 2. Maintan relationships with EHL students & alumni 3. Establish strong network with local contacts 4. Consider the B2B incentive travel market 5. Blog for business contact 6. Maintain good press relations 7. Develop a mobile application 8. Under-promise, Over-deliver 9. Stick to the core business Conclusion This report has established that: Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion P48H should be an activity planner of unique experiences
Paris, Barcelona, Rome
Swiss tech-savvy, frequent traveller ...Next Steps More interviews with companies
More focus groups
Generate a database of activities Online Travel Behaviour
Mood Wall
Element of Surprise
Need for information
Time Sensitivity
Website Design
PROCESSES Christian Ellul Vincenti - Anam Qureshi - Vanessa Mohme - LisaJane McBain - Cristina Ferrer Bosch
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