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Second UAV Capstone 2013 Prezi

No description

Ginelle Nazareth

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Second UAV Capstone 2013 Prezi

Team Guardian
Presented by Ginelle Nazareth and Irene Tong
Team Members: Allan Lee, Ben Tuline, Bryan Pattison, Hassan Murad, James Allnutt, Jay Tseng, Jessica Peare, Kevin Young, Luke Routley, Miguel Cruz, Shannon Blacker, Soudeh Mousavi, Tim Gjernes
What is a UAV?
No pilot on-board
On-board control system
Uses on-board sensors for navigation
Applications: hurricane tracking, forest fire fighting, geological surveillance
Flight Operations:
Autonomous flight over a pre-defined search area
Autonomous take-off and landing
Vision System Operations:
Real-time image transfer over 2km
Automatic geo-referencing
Unmanned Aircraft

Team Management
Challenges and Plans
RC Materials
Fastners and adhesives
Member Roles
Irene Tong
Target Locating System lead
Ginelle Nazareth
Navigation System Lead
Shared Responsibilities:
Managing the team
Google Docs
Telemetry transceivers (XBees) not communicating with the autopilot
PID tuning the autopilot
Achieving remote camera control using the Raspberry Pi
Establishing a robust Wi-Fi connection for image transmission
Complete System Integration
Future Plans
Design and build custom aircraft
Achieve autonomous take-off and landing
Implement automatic target recognition
Bormatec Maja
Navigation System
Ground Vision System

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Siamak Arzanpour
ArduPilot Mega 2.5+
Off-the-shelf autopilot board
Open-source code
Modified code to include safety features
Communicates wirelessly with XBee modules
Ground Control Station
ArduPilot Mission Planner
Allows operator to set and upload flight path for UAV
Displays telemetry during flight
Logs data from flights
Written with Python
Allows user to:
View & zoom into images
Input characteristics of detected targets to a spreadsheet
On-board Vision System
Raspberry Pi used to control camera and wireless transmission of images
Code written with Python
Canon G9 camera
Wifi Radios: Ubiquiti Rocket and Bullet
Foam structure
Modular, detachable wings
Designed for portability and accessibility
Target Locating System
What is a UAV?
System Description & Performance
Team Management
Challenges & Future Plans
System Performance
Navigation System
Target Locating System
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