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Website Roulette

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Transcript of Website Roulette

Website Roulette:
50 Sites, 50 Minutes Tara Puckey SPJ National Board Member
Freelance writer Twitter resources, multimedia reporting tools, social media sources and some good, clean... time-wasting fun. 1 Society of Professional Journalists www.spj.org 2 Ron Sylvester http://rsylvester.com Jeff Cutler 3 http://jeffcutler.com Twuffer
Less Friends
Twidroid 4 15 Twitter Tools http://blog.louisgray.com/2008/11/15-tools-for-your-twitter-toolbox.html 5 TweetDeck www.tweetdeck.com 6 Seesmic www.seesmic.com 7 Ping http://ping.fm 8 Twitter Local www.twitterlocal.net 9 Muck Rack http://muckrack.com 10 Livescribe www.livescribe.com 11 Linkedin www.linkedin.com 12 tumblr www.tumblr.com 13 dipity www.dipity.com 14 Storify http://storify.com 15 Scribd www.scribd.com 16 Publish2 www.publish2.com 17 Google Alerts www.google.com/alerts 18 Addict-o-matic http://addictomatic.com 19 Duck Duck Go http://duckduckgo.com 20 WolframAlpha www.wolframalpha.com 21 brightkite http://brightkite.com 22 Gowalla http://gowalla.com 23 Meetup www.meetup.com 24 JayCut http://jaycut.com 25 Dropbox www.dropbox.com 26 DocumentCloud www.documentcloud.org 27 Qik http://qik.com 28 Cover it Live www.coveritlive.com knowem 29 http://knowem.com 30 Twitalyzer http://twitalyzer.com HARO 31 www.helpareporter.com 32 OpenSecrets www.opensecrets.org www.opensecrets.org 33 intersect www.intersect.com 34 blogtalkradio www.blogtalkradio.com 35 Evernote www.evernote.com 36 Charity Navigator www.charitynavigator.org 37 issuu http://issuu.com 38 cinch www.cinchcast.com 39 Journalists Toolbox www.journaliststoolbox.org 40 Prezi http://prezi.com 41 pipl www.pipl.com 42 flickr www.flickr.com 43 Doodle www.doodle.com 44 Google fusion tables 45 mezzoman www.mezzoman.com 46 Whois www.whois.net 47 Acronym Finder www.acronymfinder.com 48 posterous http://posterous.com 50 Shameless Plug www.twitter.com/tpuckey 49 Pilot Handwriting www.pilothandwriting.com Need to see 'em again? No worries www.tpflearnsomething.info Password: SPJ2011 tarapuckey@me.com
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