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Ch. 4 International Business


Katie Nissen

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Ch. 4 International Business

Business activities between countries
large part of economy
Profit! Jobs! Resources! Chapter 4: International Business What is I.B? Top Ten Countries U.S. Trades With Canada
United Kingdom
South Korea
Singapore Your Clothes, Belongings . . .
Made in...?? Close-Up - Toothpaste - United Kingdom Michelin - Tires - France Adidas - Footwear - Germany Burger King - Fast food - United Kingdom Forms of I.B. Importing - buy from other countries
Exporting - sell to other countries International Licensing
allow country to make/sell their products Joint Venture
firms (individuals) partner up
to start a business Direct Investment
no partners
more expensive, high risk Multinational firms
operate in more than one country
Home country - headquarters
Host country - foreign locations Challenges of I.B. tariffs
taxes on foreign goods
(protect domestic industries, raise revenue) embargo
ban of trade w/country Gov. Policies: Currency values Cultural differences
beliefs, values, language quota
limits quantity
US - only 10,000 tons salmon - Chile sanctions
ban of specific bus. w/country
=aircraft to Iran Growth in I.B.
-making it easier trading bloc
agreement to remove all restrictions European Union (EU)
15 members
Euro - single, new currency NAFTA
Canada, U.S., Mexico Balance of Trade
=Exports - Imports negative = deficit positive = surplus Assignment:
pg. 105
Review Facts:1, 3, 6, 8, 12, 13
Discuss Ideas: 1, 4, 11
Analyze Info: 2, 4 Foreign Owned Products Sony - Stereo - Japan mininational-small comp. Benefits of I.T. 1. consumers = lower cost, better
2. producers = expand
3. workers = employment;
here and abroad Contract Manufacturing
hiring foreign man. to make your products Things to Consider b4 IB
trade regulations and laws
socio-cultural - language, bus. etiquette, lifestyle
technology - internet? Global Marketing Strategies Globalizatio Globalization
same product, same promotion Customization
creating entirely new products/promotions Adaptation - changes product or promotion
to better suit country Review Activity:
pg. 91; #6-11
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