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Using one large image

Kevin Gomes

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of SPOR

Do students want to participate? S -> Southern
P -> Poly
O -> Outdoor
R -> Recreation Here is something small...
It could be much larger! What is the best way to promote outdoor awareness, advocate green initiatives, and increase student involvement on campus? Meet people with similar interests
Stay healthy
Help out with the environment
Go fast White Water Rafting
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
Bike Rentals
Kayak Rentals
Canoe Rentals
Camping Rentals
Climbing Gear
Outdoor Club Sponsored Trips Equipment Rentals SPSU Student Body = 5000 With S.P.O.R. 5000 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Kevin Gomes
Jerome Hubbard
Alexandra Martinez
Crawford McCarty

Alex Baitcher – Team Leader
UGA Student Body
32,000 S.P.O.R. Financing and Operating We operate net-net we are
only able to operate on our
current assets. Assets are
funded by the SGA and Club fees Why S.P.O.R? Increase involvement for commuters

Create another incentive for students
to join SPSU
Promote green awareness through the
outdoors and community service
Stay Active
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