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Speech: How To Train Your Dog

No description

Aylin Tafoya

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Speech: How To Train Your Dog

How to teach your dog simple cues How training helps
your pet succeed: Training Approach: How to train your dog
by: Aylin Tafoya What I will be talking about: How training helps your pet succeed.
Training approach.
How to teach your dog basic cues such as "sit", "lay down" and "stay".
Showing of pictures and small video. Dog training helps to
Instill favorable behaviors in your dog.
Prevent behavioral problems before they start as well as address them if your dog is behaving in an undesirable way. Positive
Dog obedience training is both humane and enjoyable. Dog obedience training focuses on communication and positive reinforcement. be loving but strict
be focused and keep your dog focused
use rewards-base method
set some time aside for this specifically
don't skip levels
have a steady pace Pictures!!! What I Talked To You About I informed you on how training helps your pet succeed.
I talked to you about a good training approach.
Showed you pictures on basic cues such as "sit", "lay down" and "stay". Cited Sources Uzunova, K. K., Radev, V. V., & Varlyakov, I .I. (2010). SOCIALIZATION OF PUPPIES –
A MARKER OF THEIR FUTURE BEHAVIOUR. Trakia Journal Of Sciences, 8(1), 70-73. Appelbaum, S. (2004). ABC Practical Guide to Dog Training. Howel Book House. Lindsay, S. (1999). Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training. Iowa State University. Carr, A., & Davis, L. (1997). Housebreaking Any Dog: The Permanent Three-step Method. Contemporary Books.
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