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Budget Project

No description

Ece Ilk

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Budget Project

Current System:
Business Planning System
(BPS) Benefits of the new module Target and more time on value-added analysis
Simulation & Rationalization Human Resources
Headcount and Payroll Planning Corporate Finance
Economic Assumptions Accounting
Tax Monthly Rolling Estimate Process Jan Dec RE-BP Financials PLANNING PROCESS PY & PP RE & BP RE & BP Procurement Planning
Raw Material Prices
Material Planning
Interest Income&Expense, FX Gain&Loss
Cash Flow Supply Chain
Production Planning, Capex Planning &
Material Planning Monthly RE :
20 days planning period
Main Target :
Initiating Strategy for the next 30 days ASM Volume Target Entry Current Month RE PL ROY RE PL &
MTD RE MEETING May, 20th June, 1st June, 5th Improvement in Reporting and Communication
Message Management of Risks and Opportunities Forecast Accuracy Improvement
Focus on SKU Profitability at OI level
System Comparison with Prior Year and Actual Ease in Risk & Opportunity Determination
Concentrate more on Analysis
Simulation Capability
Volume Performance Analysis for Strategy Setting Strategy Setting PY & PP Different levels of planning capability &
Data allocation availability
System Planning Capability
Sales Center
Major Customer (NKA, LKA, NCD)
Business Type
ASM Speed.. System availability of Reliable Secure Data : YTD Actual & ROY Reporting within the same system Simulation availability Commercial Directory
Volume,Price and Deduction With the targeted integrated Planning Process... June, 10th CF & BS HQ Budget
Cash Flow
Balance Sheet Currently used systems are:
Excel, Portal, APO, Investment Planning, SAP and BPS Integrate all functions in the same system...
Data Ownership by the Related Functions BPS Capex Collector Assumptions Volume Production/Investment Planning Material Planning Head Count/Payroll Planning Expense Planning Costing SAP Treasury Problems of the current Budget Module:
No integrity,
Seperate Systems,
Multiple Users's problems,
No simulation availability,
No system availability of actual and RE from the same system,
SKU profitability only at GP level(OI level at acorn actuals) June RE Planning Variables for Simulation:
Economic Assumptions
FX Rates Inflation / Interest Income - Expense RatePrice
Volume(Absolute, Mix and Growth Change)Production Plan(Location & Line Change)
Investment PlanRaw Material Price
Head Count

Any variable change within the system will affect all the related functions
Paralel to that all system financial and non-financial outputs ...
More time on value added analysis of results BPS data entry is performed by Finance department... Volume Planning SAP - Business Planning System (BPS) Investment / Capex
Planning Headcount
Planning /
Payroll Expense Expense Planning Cash Flow Planning /
> RE - BP Financials Assumptions >
Rate / Inflation
Pricing Word
Capex Collector
Procurement - Material Planning
BPS Production Planning
/Material Planning
No Integration / Inefficiency

No SKU Profitability at OI level BPS Data Entry
by FINANCE Simulation Capable

Multiple Users Data Entry

Integrated System

Less time on processing BPS Data Entry
Finance Multiple Users Data Entry Problem Different Working Environments Benefits of the New Targeted Budget Module Economic Assumptions

Interest Income / Expense

Integration to Planning Process Commercial Fub Data Entry Corporate Data Entry Sales and Marketing Data Entry Mapping of Basis SKU Based Price List to Summary Category and Package Price list.

Extracting active separate price lists for NCD and LCDs and applying separate price increase % and timing scenarios for these channels (SKU and customer based differentiation).

Determination of price increase percentages based on the summary Category and Package Price List

Allocating prices from the summary price list to SKUs by using the percentage increase assumptions and by using mapping tables. Pricing Volume Sales and Marketing Data Entry System entry by Channel, by Brand, by Package of monthly, quarterly, yearly volume data

SC, ASM and SKU allocation of Channel, Brand & Package data

System integration of allocation scenarios by using the previous years’ data.

Integration of List & Delist products with reference SKU and predefined volume

NKA- NCD volume planning capability in customer detail the new tool has its own production planning module which will enable faster planning, faster updates and scenario analysis. Supply Chain Data Entry Planned to have its own production planning module within the system
which will enable faster planning capability and scenario analysis

Linkage of Production Planning to Capex Planning according to Line
Utilization Criteria

Integration of active product trees from SAP (by product code, factory and
line) to production planning

Procurement Material Planning parallel to Production Planning and Material Levels

Pricing of Material Requirement according to Actual Material Prices and Price increase histories, manual interference will be possible

BP Material price comparison with actual data.

Simulation capability for price increases

Ease on tracing of SKU Overhead allocation with fixed and variable criteria

Integration of Production and Sales Planning to Transportation Expense Planning
Human Resources Data Entry Headcount Planning in the system

Data integration with actual

Payroll Computation according to defined criteria and assumptions

Simulation Capability

Capability to drill down to the source for changes vs PY

Reporting Flexibility Cash Flow Planning Enable multiple user entry / responsible people for cash flow planning items

Enable actual vs planned reporting for cash flow planning items

Integration of net revenue and average collection period and cash collection ratio assumption to estimate cash in planning.

Integration o f inventory level in material management / rm price estimations / vendor payment terms / production planning converted to RM requirement for RM Cash outflow planning

Integration of capex collector’s cash flow to consolidated cash flow

Integration of opex excl. noncash items with average vendor payments to cash out flow

Integration of tax planning considering prepaid taxes to cash flow.

Integration of payroll planning to cash flow

Treasury inputs > capital contribution, investments, dividend payment, loan utilization, interest expense /income > to integrated to cash flow
June, 1st
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